Art Every Day Month 2010 Participants

Welcome! Below is a list of participants in November 2010's Art Every Day Month. Please read about the challenge here before signing up!

How to sign up:

If you have a blog or Flickr page: Use the sign-up below (just once!) to make your commitment to Art Every Day Month. You'll put your name or blog name in the "Your name" box and the url of your blog or Flickr page in the "Your url" box. (For example: If I were signing up, I'd put "Creative Every Day" in the "Your name" box and "" in the "Your url" box, then I'd click the "Enter" button. Ignore the bit about leaving a comment on this page.

*Please do not put enter a website, store, or etsy shop in the url box. I only want to link to places where you're going to be sharing the work you create during Art Every Day Month. I will be checking the list daily and will remove any duplicate links or links that do not go to blogs or Flickr pages.

If you do not have a blog or Flickr page: You can still join in! Simply email me your name (first and last name or first name and last initial) and I will add you to a separate list below. You can email me by hitting the contact button above (or at leah at bluetreeartgallery dot com.)


Participants without a blog:

1. Chrissy M.
2. Jenny S.
3. Cynthia H.
4. Kate T.
5. Sue S.
6. Margaret W.
7. Cathy I.
8. Nikki F.
9. Sally T.
10. Joan K.
11, Steph B.
12. Judy B.
13. Lael J.
14. Chandi H.
15. Stephy StarMouse