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December 15th, 2006

I've been focused inward this week as I've been and will be more social this week than I might normally. I saw a Damien Rice concert on Monday (awesome), I'm out tonight and tomorrow, class Wednesday and Sunday, so my spare time has been spent quietly resting and preparing for the holidays.

Since I've been tagged twice for this meme, I better get to it! The idea is to write 5 things you don't know about me and then tag 5 others. I struggled with this as I can't keep a secret and over the last several years, I have revealed a lot! So, here's what I came up with :

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I'm very sensitive to repeating sounds. So for example, if the same word is said over and over or if I'm in a car and the directional signal is click-click-clicking away, it can drive me batty. It sets something off in my brain and makes me shiver as if nails were being scratched down a chalk board.

2. On a college trip to Venice (part of a class for credit), I got up early every morning and went for a run. The streets of Venice were so clean, it was sort of surreal. It was probably my favorite part of the trip, running by myself in the morning fog, crossing little bridges, and coming upon such beautiful buildings around every corner.

3. I hate, hate, hate being tickled. I don't remember it, but my younger sister told me that once she tickled me and I slapped her across the face. Heh.

4. One summer while at a day camp, I walked out into the hall and walked in between a scary old man who was chasing a boy while squeezing an empty soda can in his hand. It scared the crap out of me and I ran into the girl's locker room. When I told my mom about it, I had to talk to the campus security cops (it was at a college). They asked me to describe what he looked like (um, old?) and what he was wearing. I couldn't remember for the life of me what he was wearing, so I told them he was wearing a tux and top hat. Oy.

5. I can't remember jokes. People tell me great jokes and a minute later, I will have forgotten them. The fiansor says I'm the worst joke teller ever because I often start a joke, screw it up or forget the punchline all together.

Ok, so who shall I tag. Well, this is only if you want to and if I don't tag you, feel free to do it anyways. Really. I do that. You're it Melba (who I get to meet tomorrow, when we go here!), tall asian dude (haha!, now you'll have to blog! just kiddin, only if you want to!), Staz, Jessie, and Karen.

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Ok, ok, you got me. :) Hopefully I’ll find some time tonight before the SOOTTAD gets in. I actually started a post about Cat2 this morning, but then had to scoot off to work.

Incidentally, I LOVE the Cyclorama — it’s one of the cooler buildings I’ve had the pleasure of wandering into in the Boston area. A few years ago, the whole space was taken up by this art installation made up of these cool geometric and mechanical abstractions of landscapes and sky — mountains, ponds, clouds with “lightning” — so cool. It was actually one of the inspirations for “the blue room.”

I came to visit today, saw this post and thought: whoa, this girl is GOOD. And FAST. Hell, I only tagged you yesterday. But as it turns out, you were tagged long before I tagged you (how ’bout that!?). Was fun to see these new tid-bits about you. As always. :) D

-Scary about the old man, but FUNNY about the tux and top hat. Baahhh haa haa haa!

-I’m the same way with jokes. I inherited that from my mother. Which is a shame, because her dad was famous for being a most wonderful joke teller.
We’ve got pages of jokes that he typed up for his work, because they always hired him as the master of ceremonies for functions.

I find it just as frustrating as my husband does, when I start one and can’t finish it. Fooey!

-Running on early mornings in Venice! That sounds fantastic and beautiful. What a great thing to do.

I was just cruising by and saw your blog. Such beautiful artwork. Love the blue painting…there is something about it that is very Nightmare before christmas (one of my favorite kid movies, so that’s a compliment).

Oooh Damien Rice. I Loooooooooooove him. I bet it was breathtaking.

it’s funny how when we are asked to talk about our self, we come up with some interesting things…love your new look and wish you the best holiday season.

blessings and hugs,

So I’ve nipped along from the other website ‘art every day in November’ so what……now we’re in December that rule no longer applies. where are we at now? How arty is arty enough? Does a ‘kit’ gingerbread house count? Not really? what if you have three creative ‘helpers’ making it a group effort? NOt really! I understand, we did suffer a slight difficulty with our architectural design – they voted to use the roof as the walls and vice versa – result, never build a house by committee. Cheers

#3… I hear ya! And would do the same! grrrrrr

I thought I was the worst joke teller ever. People have me tell jokes, just so they can laugh at that!
We should have a competition :)

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