Testing, Testing, 123

December 4th, 2006

Just testing. Welcome to my new digs! Pull up a sofa, have a cup of cocoa, and make yourself at home.

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Let me be among the first to welcome you and say Yippeee! I’ll change my link. :)

thanks for the link!!

Welcome! *changes link*

Do I really have to pull up a whole sofa? It might be kinda heavy!!! *giggle*

Okay, seriously… i’m excited about the new site!!!!

I love that you used your scribbly people in your new banner! (I meant that as a compliment…the “scribbly people” part…articulate, eh?) So does this mean Kat’s Paws is…(gulp)…retired?? Great new place…can’t wait to see what you’ll do here! xoxo

Love the new site and the banner. I’ll change my link.

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