December 5th, 2006

Or work in progress. That's what I'm working with here as I work out some of the kinks...So, don't be surprised if you see some wonky things going on in the next week or so here, hopefully, it'll all settle down very soon.

So the name...originally I wanted just "Everyday Creative" but that domain name was taken. When I originally started Art Every Day Month, I called it AEM, thinking that Everyday was one word, well it is, but it refers to everyday as in ordinary, not daily (which would be two separate words: every day.) Ahem, well, I never claimed to be great with the grammar, etc...But then again, I sort of liked my "mistake" because I wanted AEM to be open to any sort of creativity, from painting to cooking to poetry to knitting and so on. I wanted it to be about infusing creativity into everyday life.  I wanted to bring that creativity down to earth, so anyone felt comfortable joining in and anything could be art. I wanted to encourage play and fun because art doesn't have to be scary even though I understand all too well how it has been made to be so for many. So, this blog is about being creative every day and also being an everyday creative, a person who finds creative moments everywhere, every day. That is a big goal in my life as I embark on this new adventure. It doesn't mean that I'll be posting every day. I don't want to put that pressure on myself. I would burn out I think. But I will post regularly about my own attempts to infuse creativity into my life, along with my art, my experiments, my doodles and "mistakes." I'll be posting inspirations, gratitudes, and tutorials. And of course there will be AEM in November and AEWM (Art Every Week Month) in May, plus some other surprises along the way. Oh, and I'm having issues with my photo albums, so those will come later. Grr.

I checked out a potential art studio space last night. It had some things going for it, including it's fantastic street number. Hehe. But I'm unsure. So, I'll think about it a bit and keep looking too. After looking at this office space, I checked out a recommended show which was fabulous, such a variety of work, really inspiring. Equally inspiring was the night sky, the wildly bright sunset and the round-faced moon. It gave me an art idea that perhaps I'll get started on tonight.

The most instructive experiences are those of everyday life

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Hey Leah!
So glad to see your new blog is up and running! Looks good. I love the dog sketch. I miss our pups back in Melbourne. :-)
I’ve been busy, mostly offline, but also working on some new websites which my husband and I maintain.
I’m sure you are SUPA busy with getting married, graduating, etc.! Congrats and good luck with it all! I’ll keep checking in!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Even though I’ve slowed down with posting, I want to keep it going. I have a feeling it’ll pick up again before too long.
Take care!xo

I LOVE your new home!!!

And your ideas are FAB. I so get you!

Thanks for being my friend. :)

hey kat,

does this mean you will be giving all of us a chance to participate? love the title…


Yes, I’d love others to participate! I’m not sure in what format yet, if it’s a general contract to infuse creativity into your day or a random challenge in there. any thoughts are welcome! :-)

I love the new look/theme/beginning, etc! I’m sure it’s going to be a fun journey and keep us posted on the art studio space. xxoo Lia

Leah, I love this new site! That’s a fantastic banner, too. I think it is wonderful that you have created your own virtual studio space, you are such a talented artist, I look forward to the creations that will come out of here. Take care, Kerstin

hey–it feels good here! this is inspiring!…and i look forward to visiting often to see what you’re up to and thinking about. actually, i’ve been thinking about you often…everytime i go to a bookstore and see a julia cameron book i think about what incredible things you started for so many of us with the artist’s way. it was the beginning of a journey and i am grateful for you! :)

as for the studio…you’ll KNOW when it’s the right space. let your intuition lead you. i’m so excited for you! it makes me miss my old studio, but all i can say is that you are going to LOVE having a creative space away from home. i mean, uninterupted art?! ahh, sweet heaven. ;)

looking forward to seeing the change that this blog is going to take!

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