January 22nd, 2007

Here's a fun challenge from Jamie who is the host of Try Day on CaC. Looking at something of my own and pretending I don't know who owns the objects, I will do some detective work and figure out what this person might be like. So, I emptied out my, I mean the mystery girl's purse and here's what I found:


Oh, she sure has great taste in purses! (hehe) Ok, ok, um, it looks like this woman is a bit messy or disorganized. Probably one of those creative, messy types. She sure has a lot of stuff crammed in that purse! Seems she has trouble throwing things away. I see she has a paperback book in there, so she must enjoy reading if she's carrying a book around with her. And she must be a cat lover by the looks of that 2007 cat calendar. It seems she's prepared for winter with her little black gloves, burt's bees lip balm and stocking stuffer starbucks card. Car keys and a gas card and sunglasses, make me think she does a lot of driving, those children's book illustration stamps make me think she's a child at heart, she probably likes kids, maybe she works with them. I think she also may enjoy silliness, laughing and being playful. Excedrin, lots of receipts, coins and four different pens, hmm, that says stress to me and overwhelm. Although all the pens could mean she's a writer or an artist and she needs these tools at her disposal. Definitely isn't the purse of a professional working woman, not a teenager either, maybe a student?

Hrmm, that was interesting! I found myself wishing that my purse was full of adorable and neatly packed goodies. But that's just not reality. My purse is pretty, I designed it at a purse party and I love it to pieces. Ah well, detective Leah, over and out.

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Oh what fun, getting to see into other people’s lives and here you are snooping on yourself! I like Detective Leah and her subject, looks like a fun and outgoing creative spirit.

Leah, thanks so much for your comments on my blog, it IS a little like bookcrossing, I do hope you try it too, I can’t wait to see what you can come up with!
I loved reading this post about you! these CaC excercises are fun, I tried doing it too but didn’t finished it, I think I need to give it a little more thought.
Best wishes!

I love seeing what you have in your purse through the eyes of another… just one question… is purse American for bag (as in hand or should bag)? To me a purse is where I put my money… here its the woman’s version of a wallet….

If you do mean the same thing as I do by purse you really, really have a lot in there!

My purse would be no fun. it’s as small as I could manage and still get a few things in it because otherwise my shoulders go from bad to worse. I would love to be able to have a hobo….oh the things I would take….

This would be fun to do – maybe today – since I have all my new work cooling in a kiln that I can’t quite get into just yet (too hot).

This was such a fun post, Leah! You really had this ‘mystery woman’ pegged … hee hee.

Do you remember Let’s Make a Deal with Monty Hall? You’re probably too young. At the end, he used to go around asking people for oddball things (like an egg-timer, or the ace of clubs, for example), and if they had it, he would give them money.

I bet you some of these things would have scored this woman some $$ on that show. :-)

This was such a cute post!
I have seen that purse and it is really nice.
I hope you don’t get too many headaches. Yuck. I take motrin for mine though it works better for me.

HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved going through your purse with you Detective Leah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starbucks card + book + pens = student to me… all cool and modern and artsy…

The receipts say your probably like me… all into TRYING to organize financial stuff, but not very successful! lol

I’d say this is a woman who likes to be ready for anything. She likes to be comfortable and confident that she has everything she needs. I see she’s got quite a pen collection. I bet she favours different pens for different usages. She’s got a soft spot for things that are cute. She likes to find change in the bottom of her purse; it feels like treasure. She keeps her papers in case she needs them but secretly doesn’t believe she’ll ever actually need to. She’s a driver, though sometimes she finds it a bit stressful. She lives somewhere where it gets cold so she’s prepped to bundle up and to take care of her lips that can get dry in this winter weather. She has a preference for more natural products. I’m curious about the red thing in the front. I can’t quite make out what that is…

I LOVE this exercise. I may try it myself … (and/or use it in one of my upcoming writing groups!). What a cool concept.

(and, y’know, with all those various goodies that purse could easily have been mine!) (only i always seem to have WAY more pens than that!) ;)

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