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January 30th, 2007

Oh boy, this past week has been nutty with school stuff! Ack, my brain! It has been wild and wooly in all possible senses, mostly good stuff. Many great new possibilities, some difficulties. I've got this paper I need to finish for tomorrow night and my last day of classes is Sunday and then, woohoo! I'll be done! So, before I get back to paper typing, I want to share the gorgeous Finding Water blog that Jessie has set up for us. If you're up for joining in, leave a comment over there. If you've already commented here that you definitely want to join in, you're all set. I'll make sure you're blog gets added to the list of participants.

Oh, and another thing before I forget! I posted my final Creative Challenge over at CaC, so be sure to check it out and all the other wonderful creative goodies over there!!

Back to typing...

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All signed up! Thanks! :)

Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh another AW-ish group!!!!!! I’ll see if I can find the book! *happy dance*

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