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January 14th, 2007

In case you didn't see my post over at CaC (go check it out!), here's my video vision statement (a video version of what is often done in collage or through journaling) of what I want to manifest in my life. Go, check out the CaC post for more details and a creative challenge for you!


Last night, I watched The Secret which seemed fitting after the video vision project. All these things seem to be bombarding me with this kind of information. I've heard a lot of the info in this movie before, but what struck me differently this time around was the piece about not just creating a vision of what you want, but also feeling the joy it would bring while you think about it. That was interesting. There's more there that I found interesting, but tonight, I need to get my sleepy self to bed, pronto.

I am so tired, (massage) school all day long and I worked my butt off. It is nearly done, I've only got a few weeks left and plenty of work. I had some pretty funny experiences in the clinic today, we're all getting giddy with the end so near.

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What a fantastic idea and beautiful life, may you manifest all you desire.

I’ve heard of this…yours is wonderful.

Beautiful, Leah! I remember reading about Malcolm’s on Marilyn’s blog post, and now seeing yours and Tammy’s, I’m just blown away by the concept all over again…don’t know if I have the technical know-how to do this, but I’m going to look into it. I know what powerful vision tools treasure maps and dream collages can be – I can only imagine the possibilities this video vision statement would open up.
Thank you for sharing your own vision – and being such an inspiration!

Leah, I’ve been meaning to tell now for days that your video totally ROCKS! I am so amazed and impressed at what you’ve put together here. The images and the music together are really evocative and paint such an inspiring picture of your future. Great job!!

… now I’m totally jealous, of course :-) . Time to give the two-dimensional treasure map a 21t century update to multimedia one of these days.

Finally I had some time to sit back, and really spend some time looking at this and really reading your post over at CAC.

Leah, I love this. I think it is such an amazing idea, and you have indeed inspired me to make a video collage too (You’re always doing that- inspiring me!)

I think it will take me a long time, but I love the idea, and thank you for posting yours. It made me feel joyful just watching it.

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