Winter Arrives

January 17th, 2007

So, it's finally like winter here, and I'm not all that excited about it. Freakin brr! I hate being cold. The last two days have been a weird transition period between working/staying at the house 24/7 while my boss is away on vacation, to going back home and working regular hours. It's a weird, unsettling time. As much as I take things in stride and will be very accomodating to anyone, my body isn't always in agreement. It takes some time to adjust to new patterns. So, my sleep has been all screwy. While the fiansor is going off to bed, I am sitting up with the cats and herbal tea and my computer doing random searches for random things until I'm pooped enough to pop, then I wake up from sweaty, vivid, very weird dreams and I haven't slept well, so I'm tired all day. It's not the best way to function and I need to get back on track. My mind is abuzz with all the work I need to get done for school in the next few weeks.  And yet, I keep procrastinating.  Blarg! Deep breaths.

On a good note, it's been wonderful being back home again with the fiansor and snuggly kitties. We ate dinner together under a blanket on the couch and snuggled with silly cozy kittens to watch American Idol. I started to cry at one point (in one of those rediculous made for tv mushy moments) and laughed with the fiansor at the sudden surge of my emotion. That could mean only one thing. Yep. Got my period today. 

On another good note, I've been keeping a gratitude journal, a list of 5 things I'm grateful for each day and I've been pleasantly surprised at how it can shift things for me. Just thinking about all the positives, the wonderful things, even if they are super small, can be so good for the soul. Try it for a couple days and see for yourself if it helps. I find it especially helpful in times of, um, now when my hands and feet are freezing off.

I usually head off the journal page with, "today I am grateful for..." and then list 5 things:
1. hot chocolate in a pretty red mug
2. snuggling the dog at work this morning when I was cold
3. reading a great book
4. the house being quiet
5. a sweet random call from the fiansor to say hello

Ah, I'm actually smiling right now. :-) May your day bring you many smiles, inner and outer ones.

Oh, and p.s. If you do make a visioning video or collage, be sure to look at it often, that's another sure fire way to bring some smiles into your life.

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