We Are All Made of Stars

January 11th, 2007

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. -Vincent Van Gogh.

Yesterday my inner critic was loud, but fortunately, it's not the only voice in my head. Self-doubt comes in waves and I think Julia Cameron said something to the effect of the best way to the conquer self doubt is to get back to work. So, today, I played with my new set of caran d'ache (watercolor crayons). I messed around with them and some water on paper, making a colorful background and then the circles, then I stared at it all for awhile.  I  got the feeling of a figure, curved and her hand was holding one of the circles, which yes, was a star! In her body, stars formed at the chakras. And then the title was clear, we are all made of stars.

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this is truly gorgeous. your artwork seriously takes my breath away.

This is beautiful. I love how you start something and then pause to look at what it might mean.
I like the message you developed.

Absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And I love the quote too. I love that we are all made of stars!

Omigosh. Absolutely incredibly gorgeous!

How wonderful to create this out of doubt, just goes to show we shouldnt listen to those little voices in our heads but get right back out there. Its really beautiful, Jude x

What wonderful glowing colours and I do love how this came, growing out of self-doubt into a thing of beauty!

OH HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like how she is holding a star in her hand… I love the power in that.

mmmm…i love those colors. and i love the thought of us all being made of stars. tonight it is cold and clear…and there are lots of stars, even here in the city.

i’m sending you an email soon. {{hug}}

I came back to see your Jude, it is so beautiful, she looks like me when I was in my late teens, the layers upon layers are incredible. All your art is so moving and the Lonely piece really touched me so much, thankyou for telling me, Jude xxx

stars and stardust…who was it who wrote: All I Needed to Know I learned in Kindegarten? Anyways, he had an essay on the “stuff” we find in the corners of our homes: stardust. That’s what this reminds me of. Stardust. That we are stars because we are made from the stuff of stars, moving and shifting and tanlging our light all together. Lovely!

absolutely fabulous!!! I love it.


There is such warmth and hope in this one, all because of her expression and the mix of reds and purples. I like this a lot.

This so lovely! and I love the title.
Aren’t caran d’ache neocolors fun? I love the effects you got with them here.

This is gorgeous. I just want to sit here and drink it all in…
thank you for sharing it…the colors and the intention are simply filling me up in this moment.

We ARE all made of stars. A cosmologist named Swimme really explains it well on a video I saw on the Global Mindshift site. K

wonderful!!! thank you so much for sharing this link with me. i love everything about it…beginning with van gogh’s quote and ending with yours :-) peace.

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