In the Meantime, Poppies…

March 24th, 2007

"Poppies" is acrylic paint on acrylic paper, about 8"x10".

I'm quiet right now because I can't keep a secret for very long (it's a fun one). I'll be back tomorrow with a fun story. In the meantime, some springy flowers for you.

I missed 2 days of mp's. Doh! But I did my artist's date, taking myself for a long, long, long, overdue haircut and shopping with a Christmas gift card, much fun. I walked a few times and I'm just loving the warm weather. It's supposed to snow tonight. Boo! But it shouldn't stick around for long, I hope. Hope your weekend is fun and full of wonderful surprises!


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oooooh fun stories!

“Poppies” is really pretty, lovely.

Oh I love happy surprises! The poppies are so bright and cheery. Hope you’re having a great weekend, too – even with snow predicted, it sounds like you’re having a good time. Enjoy!

Beautiful poppies Leah!

Secrets burn holes in your pockets?

There must be a more apt metaphor but I can’t find it right now… my head is in a strange space…

“Pooooopppppiiiieeessss” (The Wizard of Oz). I love poppies. They come up, last a day and are gone. Sometimes they don’t come up. But it’s always a treat when they do.

No fair teasing about the secret…esp. when I can’t sit beside you and say: oh come on, I can keep it – just tell me. =]

Morning pages are the one thing I’m managing on this journey – loving that I’m back to them.

These are fantastic!

oh Leah! These are so lovely and they inspire me to my core– thank you for sharing them with us!!!

thanks for the poppies! one of my favorite flowers, and a former nickname of mine was “poppy”. it’s a beautiful piece. caught up on your latest entries and love them. i think it’s so wonderful how you open up and share both the good and bad going on in your life. over-all it seems life is going so well for you. yay!
the walk sounded WONDERFUL and renewing. love looking at old graveyards. and i think it was sweet the way you described the detail in the one headstone.
thanks for sharing it all.
take care.
xo amy

hi Leah – I love coming over here for a visit – you and your posts are Muse-like – reminding me of what I truly value – I am certainly creative everyday – but true clarity and mindfulness is sometimes elusive – I love the sensibility you bring to what you create.

I will be posting a batch of journal pages – my dailies – perhaps you will come back and have a look?

xox – eb.

Thanks for the poppies today.
Looking forward to reading your secret!

Lovely! Look forward to hearing your happy fun news … Glad things are good for you. YAY! on the hair cut and walks and stuff. E

i love those poppies!

they are stunning and so alive!


did you say secret?

can i come over for tea?


do you sell your art byw – is there a site you have?

I have been away a few days.

I love catching up with you.

Your pictures are wonderful. I love when it is such a clear day you can see your shadow (like the one in the cemetary…MA has the best cemetaries!)

Your art is always so FULL. Lots of layers, like there are hidden messages.

Spring is here. Hooray!

I LOVE poppies! You tease!!! :) K

oooo…I love it!
Beautiful painting.
Can you believe, I’ve never actually seen a real poppy?

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