It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Found Art!

March 27th, 2007

I've been wanting to play along with Rosa Murillo's "Found Art Tuesday" project since I first came upon her website, but I had a bit too much on my plate. I still seem to enjoy taking on too many projects, but I was tickled by the idea of this week's theme (bird) and so I decided to just jump in. I made most of it last night, using one of my collected little boxes. I had a strong urge to carve the bird out of something. I tried molding a bird out of sculpy clay over the weekend, but wasn't too thrilled with it. And then last night, while thinking about going outside to find a bit of wood that maybe I could figure out how to carve with a steak knife, I came upon some old candles. One was melted all the way through the middle and it's edges were curled over. Aha! So, I broke off a couple chunks of old wax, grabbed a couple knives and set to work creating a bird.

I don't really work well in 3-D for whatever reason, my mind has trouble wrapping itself around three dimensional things and so the bird is only fully carved in the front, but that's ok. I made 2 birds and broke one by accident, so the second one became the bird you see here. I strung it on a bit of green wire, sticking the wire through each end of the box. Then I looked around, I kind of wanted to create a nest, maybe. I ended up scrunching up the bit of cotton stuff that was in the box and then broke up some old used matches (sometimes clutter comes in handy) which I glued to the cotton. I put some tape over the ends of the wire and wrapped it around the back. As I was making it, I had the They Might be Giants song stuck in my head, "Make a little birdhouse in your soul." I decided that would be the name of it.

As I fell asleep I imagined the top, the curls of wire that could be used to secure a card to or even to hang the piece as wall art. Today I placed gold paper over the tape and wrote out the music lyric on it. I wanted people to know they could open the box, so I attached a small piece of paper with the word "open" on it. I liked how that looked. Inside the cover, I pasted another piece of paper with my website and a note saying to keep this piece of "found art" or pass it on for someone else to find. I haven't set it free yet. I've been stuck in the house waiting for a plumber and struggling through the creation of an e-commerce site for my artwork. Blarg. I'm glad I had this little art piece to make me smile during the day. It will be a little hard for me to let it go! Good practice in detachment I suppose.

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this is so great, leah!!! your spontaneity inspires me — i need to go create something myself (and check out that site, too)!

OH WoW! I can’t think of anything else to say…

I love this. I think Rosa’s idea is great too.

I am happy your party went so well. I just sent out a surprise invitation for Sean’s birthday this April. I have never done anything like this before. I am a bit nervous and hope he doesn’t find out and that he is happy about it when the time comes!

It’s great! I still haven’t found time to play along with Rosa…but one of these days…

Leah, it is WONDERFUL!

I, like you, have been WANTING to play, but haven’t yet…I do believe you have inspired me.

what a cool idea. i get chills thinking about finding something like that. it would be one of those moments that let me know i’m on the right path. wonderful. oh, and i love that song! that whole album, actually. thanks for reminding me of it. “…and while you’re at it, keep the nitelite on inside the birdhouse in your soul…”

and speaking of nitelites, i really appreciate your comment on my recent call-for-help post. i understand eggshells from both sides, too, come to think of it. and i wrote a comment back to your comment on my own post, if you feel like checking it out. in short, the strategy you advised for those moments is very wise, and i needed the reminder. also the book you sent me is significant. it hits me pretty hard, so i’m having to digest it in small chunks. so *thank you* for all the light.

Leah, I love your birdhouse! thanks for playing too! you’ll see it’s a wonderful experience to set it free. thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s been a better day. and, my piee is finished! yay!

oops, I meant to say my PIECE is finished, not my piee, sounds like pee… ew…

Kat, er, Leah… I LOVE the birdy!!!!! That is so cool!!!!! And the back of the box is awesome too… neat lyrics. What is the song about?

And love that song too…
Thanks for the inspiration!! That makes my heart sing.It’s no wonder that you don’t want to part with it!

Oh, I love this!


This is really fun! What a cool idea. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have to tell you that I have so much fun with found art. Rosa’s themes and her art have helped me explore some areas I normally would not!


i love that bird…i don’t think i would have ever thought to create something from a used candle. i love that!

Oh Leah, that’s wonderful! I love that song, and your carving is gorgeous – so tiny, too! I am hopeless when it comes to working in 3D, but you have succeeded very well with this piece. I wish I lived nearer you and stood a chance of finding it! :) So lovely…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving encouraging comments for me, bless you. It’s such a great feeling to have finally made a few pieces myself – at last! ;)
Have a lovely weekend, Leah.
Be Happy :)

Your bird’s beautiful, Leah! I would be so enchanted – thrilled really – if I were the lucky person to find your piece of art. I love the song quote, too.
I’ve looked at Rosa’s site, and have felt so tempted to play along, too – it’s such an inspiring idea. The lucky people in her town!

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