My Camera’s Batteries are Recharged

March 20th, 2007

Now I just need to re-charge my batteries! I'm so tired! Time for bed.

I think I'll spread out the art from last week a little bit. So, here's the last piece I worked on. With each of these pieces I let myself start something and continue with it the next day. This is the one where the hollow tree turned up unexpectedly as I drew in the figure and then her surroundings, first with colored pencils and then going into it with acrylics. It's about 8"x10" on paper.

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very interesting thought provoking piece. here sitting in front of the hollowed out tree is very nice; reminds me of a book I just read called “stolen child” about changlings

I love this, I love the colours, and the little flower, beautiful!

Like the mixed media approach to emphasize strong line work and gorgeous intense color. Pensive and soul-searching come to mind. Your creativity is thriving, Leah!

Looking at the picture and not thinking of anything you’ve mentioned recently – I see an angel whose wings are folded. They are also the door into the tree of life.


I feel a bit disturbed by the flower’s roots – they remind me of earth cracking up.

Though I can also look at them as seem them as the dance of life!

Leah, I love this because I KNOW this woman. And of course, our in-common tree thing lives on. Reminds me of being in The Redwood Forest a few years ago when I touched the hollow of one of the giants. The roots and the flower … so filled with Hope. Thanks for this – I needed it this morning.

It’s beautiful…and I immediately thought of the woods you mentioned in the other post…

Like GeL, I got an angel with wings, and it was like the whole of life encompassed in that picture… deep under earth, and the spirit above it. The flower also reminds me, for some reason, of the strawberry story. Do you know it? In the version of the story I heard, it ended with the man saying, “This is the best strawberry I ever had!” Not sure why the flower evokes that for me… Thanks for sharing your art! It’s very… evocative. LOL

yea for making a redhead!

on a more spiritual note, i see myself sitting there, hugging myself, feeling the hollow inside, but watching the tiny seed of hope and the future bloom before my eyes. maybe i should buy this from you.

Thank you for sharing this Leah!
This is exactly the image that I needed to see today.
Your art heals.

Beautiful painting, Leah!

I love all of it, but especially the roots intertwining below.

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