Small Wonders

March 28th, 2007


One of the unexpected surprises for me this weekend was a trip to the Aquarium. My future sister-in-law wanted to go into the city and see a 3-D movie, so we headed in and got tickets to go into the aquarium before the movie. It just so happened that there was a super cool exhibit about Jellyfish. The exhibit explored the human influence on the ocean, why there are more jellyfish in the oceans now, and it had tanks of lots of different types of jellyfish to view. All the info was fascinating, including how long jellyfish have been around. Did you know that jellyfish have been around for 600 million years? That's 200 hundred million years before fish came along and nearly 400 million years before the dinosaur. Wow.


With all the great info, what I loved most, was just looking at the jellies up close. They are beautiful! I had left my bulky camera at home, so I took these quick pics with my cell phone. I was so inspired by these delicate creatures. The way they move, the way light moves through them. I could have stared at them all day! The ones below are super teeny tiny jellies. You can see my cell phone reflected in it. Heh.


The fiansor had mixed feelings about the exhibit. When he was a kid, visiting his father's family in Greece, he kicked a jellyfish thinking it was a beach ball and boy was he sorry. Ouch!

Some things I'm grateful for today: The sunshine! A little girl outside spinning around in the wind. Fresh lemonade. Tabbers, my big orange cat, sleeping upside down with paws in the air.

Beauty is everywhere, if we just look. Let yourself be inspired by the small wonders. Happy creating!

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JELLYFISH!! Ooooo! So pretty! And the tiny little ones! EEE!

I’ve never seen one “in person”, as it were. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

Wow! Your cellphone captured them perfectly!
My family went to the Vancouver, BC, Canada aquarium in Stanley park this weekend,
and it showed the different stages of jellyfish. They are beautiful and
graceful to watch. We took some awesome pictures of the octupus sliding
across the glass too. It gave me ideas of putting those pictures
on my page too. I haven’t been to an aquarium in a long time, but
I felt at peace and wonder at all the beauty around me. At the time
I didn’t categorize it as an artist’s date, but how it evoked so many
feelings of appreciation was definitely an artist feeling.
thanks for sharing.

The jellies are beautiful, but they do freak me out a bit. But that will never keep me out of the water. As long as I have meat ternderizer along to take away the sting, I’m in mermaid-mode!

I so LOVE your blog, it is always full of interesting things. You are a lovely person.

No time today to type more, sadly, but sending you hugs and a very big WELL DONE – for the party, for the work trip, for the fun trip. You ARE enough! (( Hugs)) Lizzi.

What gorgeous pictures – you make me wonder where I might go and see some too…

Such pretty pictures. have enjoyed visiting your site. (connecting from Melba’s). Am off to take your look around and be inspired by small wonders–thanks! Jen

what happens when you kick a jelly fish? inquiring minds want to know…

I LOVE looking at jellies in a tank. Not so much in the wild = got one caught up under a tee shirt I was wearing when I was about 8. And did a lot of river water swimming = we used to stir the water with the end of a crab pole and scoop out the ones that rose to the surface and put them on the dock to dry – I don’t know that I’d do that today (once we tried to starch them, but that didn’t work either). They are gorgeous to look at – and your photos do them justice! My phone doesn’t take pictures. =[

You’re so right Leah! Beauty is everywhere.

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