Up Spring!

March 21st, 2007

More art from last week, this time playing with caran d'ache crayons on 8"x10" acrylic paper, just free-flow drawing with no plan in mind and this is what came out, an ode to Spring.


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what a beautiful and colorful illustration! love the layers and rhythm (that must be the word of the day for me :) i’d love to join the birds and fly away!

thanks for sharing :)

I love the swirls in the tree. I love trees and especially trees with swirls. I wish my “just sit down and draw” pictures turned out like this!

Very uplifting. And I agree with Tammy on the wish mine worked this well too…

Beautiful! Full of hope and promise.
Thanks for the WiFi info – I haven’t found a completely free spot, but a nearly free one (30 mins per purchase), so that’s a start. Thank you.

Wow. You are sooo cool. Read your 100 things and your 50 things you’re proud of. And Now I’m Proud of you too!
Love your Art and Blog.
Hugggs from Kansas!

I just discovered you – such a pleasure – not sure how I got here but it was a link re: blogging the artist’s way

I also love Keri Smith
” ” read eat,pray,love

love your new banner and your sweet opened hearted sensitivity and honesty

very inspiring

come visit?

xox – eb.

How did you like using those crayons? I’ve never heard of them before. I love learning about new media.

This tree is a natural progression from the tree you drew towads the beginning of March. It’s so lovely to be attuned to Springs rythm. Its a beautiful piece.

I love playing with caran d’ache. Your drawings are always so lyrical – they’re like music for my eyes – this one especially lifts my spirits. Thanks for that!

Beautiful. I love the sense of movement and the feeling of up, up, up! Spring’s my favourite season and I am looking so forward to feeling its presence. Thanks for a taste of it today :)

Oh! I love this!! Trees and swirls – my favorite combo!! I’m SO ready for spring!!

holy doodes you are sooo talented – i love the “up spring” bounce to
your work!


Love this! Wish I could sit quietly and watch you draw… xoxo

fly, fly, fly, my friend.

hey grrl. i love the photographs. i love old cemetaries, and imagining how all those people were loved.

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