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March 20th, 2007

Oh dear, my head is so clogged! Both ears have been blocked up for the past few days, first one, then the other, so that it sounds like I'm hearing everything underwater. I'm all fuzzy and my head ways about 50 pounds.

Sunday night we had a wonderful time at a friend's gorgeous new house with such yummy treats as moon cakes, flowering tea and Chinese beef noodle soup. Yum. Have you seen these flowering teas before? I saw them on t.v. once and they're just so pretty in person and the tea was delicious! The one I tried was a Jasmine tea from China. I did a little looking around online and found a site here that shows a little film clip on their homepage of the flowering process. Kinda neat eh? And then there's this site that says they offer a free sample, although I couldn't get it to work. I sent them an email, so I'll let you know how that goes. It was also just lovely to spend some time with the fiansor who I hadn't seen all week. By the time we got home I was exhausted and we went to bed. Yesterday after work, I had a lot of things that I wanted to get done, but all I managed was a trip to the grocery store, some dinner cooked up with the fiansor's help and then I went to snuggle the kitties who were being so cute in bed and passed out. The fiansor came in and shut the light off and I slept through the night (well, I mostly slept through the night, I was awoken by snuggly kitties several times, including one time where Tabbers sat on my head with his belly on my ear, so even through the blocked crap, I could still hear him purring away. It was too cute.) Despite all that sleep, I'm still exhausted, drained, and generally feeling like mud. Damn sinuses. I called the fiansor and asked him to bring home matzo ball soup (you've got to feed a cold!)

I have art to post and other things I wanted to talk about, but my energy is at negative 20 right now, so in the meantime, stay warm, enjoy some hot tea, and I shall return shortly with pics.

Update: Primula Tea (the tea I mentioned above) emailed me back right away and asked for my address so they could send a sample (and that's without the shipping!) So feel free to email them if the form doesn't work. Or try Full Bloom Tea which also offers a free sample. I'll let you know which kind I prefer when I receive them. Now, I just need a glass tea pot!

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Your post has inspired me to drink some tea while I make my list of 25 blessings tonight . . . and I think hot, fragrant tea of any kind will be high on that list. Your kitties sound like mine — he’s taken to lying on my second pillow just above my head every morning and gently pawing at my hair when he want me to wake up. So cute.

I hope you feel better soon and I’m looking forward to seeing some of your posted art!

I hope you get well soon Leah!



Oh how I hate colds…so, so sorry about yours.

Hope you’re feeling better soon, enjoy those teas x

I’m just catching up and see you’ve had a cold – I hope you’re feeling better by now – the flowering tea sounds lovely – so does the chicken soup! Get well soon! (hugs)

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