April 24th, 2007

Today I'm wearing pineapple printed flip flops, an old gray shirt and hot pink shorts. My hair is in pig tails. It's been a day at home, picking up a bit, opening windows to let air in, taking out the trash. The day is coming to a close and I have much to do, but in the meantime, here's some art I played with last night. I've had this image in my head for awhile and although I want to flush it out in a different way, this allowed me to see it come into life which felt good. I did this on watercolor paper with caran d'ache. It's about 10"x10" and I'm calling it "Fishing."

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.

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I love this one. Really beautiful!

Oy! I freakin LOVE this. I love all your art!
The girl looks so peaceful and soothing with her fishing pole. I really like the big moon behind her, highlighting her hair.

ambient and beautiful :) the feeling reminds me of a fovorite piece called the sea – by jiang tiefeng (google it…it’s increadible). xo, midny

This is really ambient. For some reason I love pictures in Blue tones. I’m wondering what this picture means to you?

I bet you looked so cute today!

I like Fishing and I love your swirls!

Such lovely imagery, Leah! I love caran d’ache – they’re so much fun to color away with, then a brush of water – and they magically turn into watercolor! That never fails to thrill and amaze me.

very pretty. have you ever been to it’s a t-shirt website (very cool tees) and they always have contests for new art – this reminded me of something they’d have. maybe a new endeavor?? (=

Wonderful – have been waiting for this one! Am trying to play catchup with all I haven’t been reading – time crunch and all that – have slowed down some today. it was nice. Able to breath in and breath out. Sounds like you’re doing the same thing!

Absolutely beautiful. I love it.

Oooooh I LOVE this! Love the colors and especially the water swirls. What talent you have! Thanks for sharing the beauty you create here.

REALLY, REALLY GRoovy Leah! I go fly-fishing, so this is particularly relevant to me today. I just LOVE all your work. Still not done my art picnic, but it is a good idea … will do soon, thanks!


I love this. What a perfect quote too.

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