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April 23rd, 2007

Today it was beautiful in my neighborhood. After a shower, I put on shorts and flip-flops for the first time this year and headed out into the sun. I packed a bag with a book, a lemon seltzer, my journal, a blanket and a pen. I took a long walk, not knowing quite where I was headed. I passed a house built in 1875 that the fiansor and I had considered buying at one point, but it wasn't quite right. I passed daffodils, green bursting everywhere, an abandoned baby bottle, a dragonfly, a little girl with a poof of floaty curls asking her dad to help her down the front steps, a red cardinal in my path, a girl with green and white polka-dot tights skipping rope. I ended up taking the very long way to a spot by the river. I set up my blanket right along side the water and sat for awhile watching the water. It's so soothing. Even though a lot of cars rushed past not too far away, it all blended in with the rush of the river. A family of ducks swam past and a pair of geese and a robin hopped all around me. It was lovely. I stayed there for a long time and then walked home.

Wedding goodies for you: My best friend and co-maid of honor's dress: (she won't be wearing the broach, but it will be in that color, chocolate brown and both moh's will hold blue hydrangeas.


And my sister's moh dress, a slightly different style. Her dress will also be dark brown, not red like this pic. She has all the boobs and curves that I lack and this dress looks absolutely stunning on her.


Beautiful dresses to go along with my beautiful dress... :-)

I just found out that I will be in my future sister and brother-in-slaw's wedding as a bridesmaid although we won't be wearing matching dresses in any particular color. This wedding (the fiansor's brother) is going to be a very unique one in our outrageous group of weddings (we're going to 8 including mine and there are a few we can't go to because they're on the same day as others, all between May and October. Oy vey!) The bride is wearing black and pink. Hehe. And I hear the entertainment will be very interesting.

p.s. I've got a new post up at the Finding Water blog!


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I love chocolate brown and sky blue together – I bet those gowns and hydrangeas are going to look gorgeous!

those are my daughter’s favorite colors (throw in some orange and pink) all mixed together. Those dresses are stunning!

And I love your walk. I love the details you shared. Thank you!

I enjoyed the details of your walk and envy your time spent alone just Being. Good for you.

Terrific dresses, too. Especially if you have the boobs & curves. he he.

stunning! you make me remember just how much fun it was to plan my own wedding. and i must say, i love your taste! :)

also, your adventure to the river sounds like a good one. i like the idea of packing up a bag with a blanket, a book, and some seltzer water. ;)

I love the chocolate dress. Really beautiful and it will pair amazingly with the hydrangeas. I know it will be such a magical wedding.

Your walk yesterday sounds amazing. Isn’t Spring a miracle?

Lovely!!! These dresses are so elegant.

Ahhh, hanging out down by the water. Always a winner for me. I have been kayaking several times lately and teaching Sunny to take the running leap off the dock to retrieve his beloved tennis ball. Good stuff.

I want to see YOUR dress!

what’s better than fancy dresses and love? :) xo, mindy

Your walk sounds divine – I could use that. I’m going to leave early to pick my daughter up from school – I think being outside will do my soul some good.

Both dresses are so gorgeous – I can’t wait until the day we’ll see your dress!!

Very nice for a fall wedding. Plus, blue hydrangeas will be wonderful with that color. Very you. :-)

Sitting by the river is a passtime of mine too.

you can come to my wedding if you like. It’s either going to be a camping wedding or here in our beautifull park. But it’s still more than a year away….

I wanna see your dress now. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours….Teehee

Wow those dresses are stunning! The colours will be exquisite. Beautiful!

Gorgeous dresses!

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