Toyin Around

April 25th, 2007

After too much computer work yesterday, I took a little time last night to make something fun for Found Art Tuesday. This week's theme was "toy" although I think this could fit for last week's theme of travel too! When I heard the theme was toy, I thought about this plastic plane I got as part of a goody bag at a craft fair. I went on a search through my random boxes, finding in one box on my nightstand the button I used, then in my office/studio/library I found a red string and the maps, in the hall I found the shiney box that once held cuff links and the stamp that was stuck to a lip gloss...Oy, I'm not organized am I? Heh. I tore out the insides of the box, ripped up some maps got the string strung through a hole in the plane, put it all together and I think it's rather cute! I imagine the red line is the path the plane is on and the button is the destination on the map (which happens to be Kiev, where my great-grandparents on my dad's side came from.) My grandfather on my mom's side worked on planes in WWII, so the style of plane reminds me of him a bit. The box can open and close and its shiny exterior reminds me a lot of the outside of a real plane. I still need to attach a piece of paper to it with my website and a found art explanation and then put it out in the world. I have a couple ideas of where I'll leave it. Ok, back to work...


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That is totally adorable!
And I love how you created something with sentiment.
It’s a precious little toy!

It’s lovely, and with such a personal history, I love this about found art, the idea of leaving a part of you out there. I love your piece!
Going to put up the link with the others! thanks!

Love this idea and what a personal story! I envy whoever finds it!


I really love this piece – but then I love all of your work. Great story too. Perhaps you are going/are on a journey too, like the little aeroplane!
I’m glad to be back from my computer-virus limbo; I missed reading your blogs.
Hugs Lizzi

Lucky the person who finds (found) it…

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