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May 21st, 2007

Lots of clicking, re-sizing images and saving today. Baby steps, baby steps are leading the way along this seemingly endless path to my new art website. It'll happen.

The weekend was rediculously full, but we survived. One wedding, one shower and two birthday parties and a couple long drives later, we are back home and back to work. My mind is feeling a bit blank today, but I wanted to say hello. Helloooo!

Mindy over at the Wish Studio posted some inspirations today and I felt inspired to do the same! So here are some link goodies for ya:

Craft Synergy is a blog of interviews with inspiring artists. Super-duper inspirational stuff and great imagery! For more interesting art interviews, check out Indie/Pretty/Perfect.

has a forum relating to art and being an artists with loads of interesting resources.

Need a laugh? I guess this isn't supposed to be funny, but seeing cats pop a squat on the toilet is pretty darn rediculous looking. CitiKitty is a product that is supposed to help you toilet train your cat. Check out the success stories page for funny pictures of cats in different cities taking a dump. 

And on that note...I hope to be back with something more inspirational soon. :-)

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I have a CitiKitty! I really REALLY do! Ha! But, my cat took one look at it and turned away. I’m determined to try it again …. someday. Wish me luck with THAT one! :)

Good luck with all the image resizing – it can be mind (and finger) numbing to do can’t it… just don’t give yourself RSI – take breaks and find different ways to sit / click. (I used to check programmers for good posture etc and the most important thing was to fidget a lot!)

Oy! Just reading about your weekend exhausts me!
Thanks for the cool links &
good luck with the new site!

I love your box, the colours are great. And like always, great links too.

I love links-thanks for sharing.
I can’t wait to check them out.
Glad that you checked in.
Looking forward to your next post as always!

can you change my link from to


thanks for the fun links! love to click the day away :) that cat site is just too funny. my cat would never do that!

Hello to you too Leah! Thanks for sharing the fun links. You’re right, we do seem to be on the same wavelength with the whole potty thing. I watched some Utube videos of cats pooping on toilets and thought it was hysterical.

ps….forgot to tell you that I tagged you. Not sure if you like meme’s or not, but I’d love to see your answers.

heeeelllllloooooo back to you! and i thought i had a busy weekend! =]

i can’t wait to check out your new site, whenever it blossoms, leah…

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