May 12th, 2007

I find inspiration everywhere. The thing that needs to happen after the inspiration is to remember it (write a note to remember it or sketch it) and then make it. I have all different sizes of journals that end up catching ideas. I like to have something by my bed, a little journal in my pocketbook, and my morning pages sketchbook/journal which serves mulitple purposes. I had the inspiration for one piece when the reflection in a bottle looked like a woman's face. It became this. Something similar happened today when I saw the totem (Autumn Promise) at Tammy's website. O my, I've had so many weird synchronicities today! As I'm typing this, a show on the food network is interviewing all these different cooks about where they're inspiration comes from. One says she finds inspiration everwhere and another says he keeps a journal with notes about flavors that eventually make it in to his recipes. Teehee. Ok, so anyways, in Tammy's totem, I saw the suggestion of a figure and I sketched it in my journal and then made some art out of it and this is what it became:

"Winter Moon", about 10"x15" with collage and acrylic on paper.

My spirits have definitely lifted. I think I needed the rain. I feel so much brighter and more positive. The fiansor noted it last night. I'm not sure why these things shift when they do, but I'll take it. I've got a really busy weekend in NY this coming weekend. A birthday party, a bridal shower, and a wedding and after the wedding I need to try and meet up with my family for dinner after my brother's graduation from law school. I think it will be fun, but really exhausting and a little too much people intensive time. I know I'll be ready for a break by the time I get back, so it's an especially good week to take extra good care of myself, so that I can  approach the weekend with the best frame of mind and energy.

I've added more to my 101 in 1001 list, it's almost there. Tomorrow I've got a full day of family, but for now, I've got a cute kitty in my lap and I'm feeling cozy and content.

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“Winter Moon” is gorgeous!!
And wow! do you have a busy weekend!!!
Have fun and it’s a good thing you can schedule in some “you” time next week.

This is gorgeous! You are preparing for the people intensive week just as I would…by super charging my batteries on lots of restful, nourishing things.

LEAH – i love this painting!!!!
Thank you for heading up the FW group with Jessie – truly.
Sounds like your life is a bit of a whirlwind – but mostly good stuff. Enjoy the ride! Then, dive into a tub of bubbles!

There’s nothing like having a cute kitty in your lap to help you feel cozy and content. Glad you are feeling brighter and more positive. xoxo… :)

wow – you got THAT from the totem?! It’s gorgeous! I’m partial to moonscapes anyways, but this is awesome. Well, that totem must have some good energy in it!

Thanks for the shout out.

Really, this is one of my favorite pieces that you’ve ever done. It’s incredibly powerful and inspiring all on its own. I love it.

As soon as this picture popped up on the screen, I think my eyes opened wider and I felt….beautiful picture. really like it!

LOVE it! I love the colours, the mood, the graphic quality of the shapes, and the subtle details… nice!

Have a fun, busy-filled weekend in NY, I know you will as it’s the perfect time of year to be here.

wow, beautiful painting, love it :)

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