Swap Fun!

May 24th, 2007

I got the my box swap in the mail yesterday from Kelly! What a treat! I cracked up when I saw the tissue paper that it was wrapped in and what the beautiful flower was created from because I recognize it! I can't remember where I got this tissue paper. Something I bought was wrapped in it. But I also used it in some art, here!

I carefully unwrapped the package, to find this gorgeous box inside! I felt a rush of child-like joy upon opening up my box of treasure. And it was much like a treasure inside! Charms, glittery bits, tiles spelling out my name, and all sorts of goodies. Thanks so much, Kelly!

Also, I've been remiss in not sharing the pictures of the journal I got in another swap. I mentioned it earlier and how I took it with me to the river for some morning pages, but here are the pics, finally! This is the first altered journal that Nikki has ever done. Wow! It's beautiful and I love the texture.

Swapjournal  Swapjournalinside

And thanks to CAC for setting up these great swaps!

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HI! welcome back…
thanks for your comment. : )

How cool!
Swaps are so much fun!

I love working with tissue too. It can be a challenge because sometimes I have too much stuff (like glue or water) and then it easily gets clumpy.

I think it is suppose to be beautiful out this weekend for us New Englanders. Right now it is 77 and only 9AM! I hope you get to enjoy the sun!


What a cool and teeny little treasure box! I love that! :)

I love your swap box – all those little trinkets are so up my alley. I think that paper is Anthropologie? Because it looks very familiar.

your box & journal are beautiful

so glad you like the box and goodies…after sending the package, i saw that you had integrated that same tissue paper with a piece of art and i laughed, too! :) Karen Beth is right…it is from Anthropologie! :) enjoy your memorial day…hugs, kelly!

Oh what treats! That box is pure magic!

I am glad you are using and enjoying the journal…. swaps are fun!

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