Taking Good Care of Myself

May 15th, 2007

Tabbers finds a cozy spot in my computer bag

Thanks guys, for your support. It really helped and I appreciate your warm thoughts and prayers. I woke today feeling a bit drained and made my focus taking it easy and doing some self-care. First, I did some yoga. Just a half hour as I'm just getting back into it. Have you seen the free yoga podcasts that Yoga Today does? They're awesome! I did one today that worked with the third chakra and awakening creativity. The third chakra's color is yellow, so today when I went to pick up some items at the store, I also picked up some yellow roses in honor of my third chakra and some purple irises. That was one of my self-care items from the list I made last week and it does feel great to have fresh flowers in the house. I took a long shower which was also lovely and later in the evening, I had a nice talk with my mom about everything and we made some plans for making appointments. And then I spent some time reading and drawing in my sketchbook.

This passage from yesterday's essay from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, turned out to be quite relevant (It's a great book!  It's linked on the left.):

Despite our efforts to be happy and not sad, to be calm and not anxious to be clear and not confused, to be understanding and not angry; despite all the ways we carve up our reactions to living and then run from one to the other; despite our fear of certain feelings, it is feeling each of them all the way through that lands us in the vibrant ache that underrides our being alive. To reach this vibrant place is often healing.

It is a hard thing, though, to lean into a sadness we don't want, to let the tremor of anxiety work its way thorugh...but what I discover, again and again, is that feeling any one feeling deeply enough - that is, thoroughly and completely - somehow opens me to the common source of all feeling. And at the source, no one feeling can last by itself. So, through our feelings, not around them, we come upon the unnamable source of all feeling that can heal us of the pain of any one mood.

So, I'm working to stay present and not let fear of what might be take over. While at the same time, I'm aware that I need to feel and acknowledge those feelings, all the way through or they just come out in other ways.

I also liked the suggestions at the end of the essay in which the author recommends breathing steadily and then allow yourself to feel one moment of sadness or anxiety that you're carrying, staying with the feeling until it begins to pass. He writes, "Note the anxiety, however slight, and call this the beginning of peace." I like that. I can start with the beginning of peace.

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…it is feeling each of them all the way through that lands us in the vibrant ache that underrides our being alive. To reach this vibrant place is often healing…

Thank you so much for sharing this. Sometimes we forget to feel everything and that it’s important to appreciate the pain to really enjoy the flavor of happiness. Loved the yoga podcast idea too!

By the way…got my girl, and she’s beautiful! It will be a little bit before I can place her because we have a bit of work to finish in the room, but I’ll take pics when I do. Her colors are perfect!
thanks for sharing your creativity and beauty. May you be blessed with peace today.

I’m glad you mentioned the free yoga podcasts. I will be very eager to try those and have been meaning to find some to try. THANK YOU!

I’m so glad that you are focusing on self-care today and that you did yoga and got yourself some flowers. Keep it up. Sending good vibes to you today… :)

Lovely excerpt – I have amazon coupons. I may have to run right over and get the book. But not this week – because I won’t be here when it arrives. So maybe next week.

That bit of advice comes at an excellent time for me – and I thank you for that.

Sending good vibes back to you!

i love this image of calling it the beginning of peace.
that is beautiful…

tabbers looks so soft…and adorable.

sending blessings your way this evening.

the beginning of peace…i love this, leah. it flows beautiful and speaks of such possibility. hugs, k-

Wonderful post. I very much resonate with your words as I am going through some very challenging times myself. No, we don’t want to feel the sadness yet we have to in order to push beyond it to a better place. I also love how you are honoring yourself. I’ve been buying fresh flowers once a week. That feels nice for me.

I am finally convinced that I need to take up yoga. I have been wanting to, but haven’t yet and am going to sign up for the next session at the Portland Adult Ed center (an inexpensive way to start). Good for you for doing things for yourself.
I can’t wait to read all about the Wish Studio event.

p.s. Your cat is adorable!

such a good reminder…
how it takes time and focus to feel each emotion “all the way through”
I know that I have not been thinking of this lately…and I think it will help me…thanks: )

yoga pod cast sounds interesting…

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