May 16th, 2007


A little peek at the boxes I've painted up for the swap at CAC. So much fun. I love little boxes. Today I had all sorts of plans, but a lot of them got side-railed. I was about to go out when I noticed the little clown fish was in the filter...again. It took me an hour to get him out. There's this little nook he gets into and...well, let's just say, I got pretty wet getting him out. But he's back in the tank and I set up a barrier again, so hopefully he won't go back in there.

We had thunderstorms this afternoon. I love a good thunderstorm. It made the kitties perk up their ears and the apartment got very dark and spooky. I love being inside while the skies rumble. It makes me feel oh so very cozy.

Off to watch some Lost.

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I absolutely love thunderstorms. And daytime ones are the best because we don’t sleep through them and miss them.
Poor nemo/clownfish…he’s lucky you watch out for him!
Your box with the tree is so cool…love it.
Have a great day.

What an adorable little box! Great work! You are so uber-talented. :)

I miss thunderstorms. We just don’t get them out here. On a few occasions there has been a rumble of thunder (I can count on one hand). People stop and take notice and talk about it!

Just poppin by to thank you for your inspiration. I’ve started a large collage-y type painting for my studio, and it’s been fun! My husband was surprised by the medium, since I don’t usually do collage work, but this piece is mainly inspired by some of your recent creations.
It’s been great to do something that happens in an wholey organic way, rather than something that is mapped-out at the start. I’ll take a photo of it when it’s finished to show you!

I love the cozyness of thunderstorms, too. (As I type this it’s pouring buckets!)
Take care!
xo Ames

I wonder, after reading your posts, if all clown fish do that and that’s why it became a part of Disney’s Nemo….interesting!

Lovely box! Boxes are great – all that empty possibility!

I love these boxes. As I was going around my house, I found that I have a lot of little boxes about. I thought this swap a fun one.

leah~ once it’s not midnight i’m going to go and fully catch up on what i’ve missed in your life, but i just wanted to send you some belated good mojo for you and your mom. (((MOJO + LEAH)))

as well, i love those boxes. you have such an eye for colour and grace, i think is the word i’m looking for. :)

sleep well….have a great weekend.

Those look so cool! I love little boxes too!

LOVE the boxes!

Popping in to say ‘hi’ – love the boxes.

Glad your little Nemo is living up to his name sake (who also got into similar srapes if I remember right!) :-)
Hugs, Lizzi

love the thunderstorms too :) and that tree box is to die for!

Very pretty boxes Leah! Those are two of my favorite colors.

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