Introverts Go Out

June 1st, 2007

In about an hour, I'll be leaving for the opening of the Wish Studio where I'll meet some wonderful new people. If you're in the area, be sure to check it out or if you're not, stop by the Wish Studio blog for a chance to win a nifty gift package! Who doesn't like to win things??

I'm totally frazzled and behind today. I was up too late, awake too late, running around like a crazy woman who left a bunch of stuff til the last minute. Doh! I've got a series of social events this weekend and my introverted self is in anxiety mode. I've got the opening tonight, a baby shower tomorrow afternoon and a bachelorette party in the evening. I often feel like, what's wrong with me? Why am I so anti-social? It's not really that I don't like people or parties, I mean, these are happy social events with friends! And usually, once I'm there, I have a great time. It's more that I'm a bit self-conscious and that I get really drained in big groups. I read a great book last year called The Introvert Advantage (which I think I've mentioned 5 times today in response to comments regarding my last post on energy waves). Anyways, it's all about not seeing introversion as a flaw, but instead, recognizing it and working with it. It doesn't help to fight your nature, but it's also good to know when and where to push a little. If I stayed away from group events all the time, that wouldn't be good for me either! So, I'm learning to try and take better care of myself around times with group events and plan some down time afterwards to re-charge my energy stores. So, you can probably guess what I'll be doing Sunday...yes, re-charging. I'm looking forward to it.

I hesitate to mention my feelings about group events sometimes because I don't want to hurt someone's feelings or make them think I don't want to be there, as that's just not the case. I am excited and happy to go to each of these events. I'm just also aware of my energy and anxious about how I'll feel. Deep breaths. I know some of you can really relate to those waves of energy though. I did some yoga this morning to help bring me down to earth and now I'm off to shower and put on something light and airy. 

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Hi Leah – as a fellow introvert, I can totally relate to what you shared here. Another book that I enjoyed about being an introvert is “The Happy Introvert” by Elizabeth Wagele. Have fun recharging on Sunday :)

Have you ever done the Myers-Briggs testing? Just curious what you test out as. I’m always 50/50 Extrovert and Introvert, which is why I have to work in the office a couple days a week to get my people fix, and then spend the rest of the time at home where I can have whole days of perfect silence :)

Leah, I think that, as artists, we’re bound to be introverted because we have so much within ourselves that we try to get out through our at. I am like you. I have to schedule time for myself when I know that we’re going to have a lot of people around. Otherwise I become quite annoying to be around! LOL Have an awesome weekend. xoxo, Fran

Leah, you are beautiful in every way. Just remember that.

And your last painting…oh, it is incredible. Really honestly my dear, you gotta start illustrating childrens’ books. Your paintings always tell a story.

Leah, I know JUST how you feel. The best definition I’ve ever heard of introversion v. extroversion is that it is WHERE you get your energy. As an introvert, I get my energy from being alone. I love love love being with people, but only when I’m replenished. People who are extroverts gain energy from being with others. I didn’t realize that it was ok to be the way I am until mid-life (menopause) and I’m now more that way than ever, but I’m ok with it. Sometimes I can’t or don’t control my schedule enough and get in trouble, but I just remember “this too shall pass” and vow to try as hard as I can to build in alone time in the future. Also, in the midst of a weekend like that, I SAVOR any alone time I can glean, even if it’s just in the bathroom.

I’m with you in wishing I could explain it better to people who aren’t that way, though. If anyone knows of a good way that non-introverts can get, I’d love to hear it!

Sending love and blessings your way,


I used to think I was extrovert but realised rather late in the day that I wasn’t – that I lost energy through interacting with others rather than gained it… I can really relate to the need for a re-charge after!

I am an introvert too and while I do enjoy interacting with people…I get so drained. That book sounds interesting, I’ll have to look for it. Hope you have a good weekend being a social butterfly!

Introversion is a flaw?!!!! only if you’re an extrovert. I’m an introvert and I love that I can spend time with myself and enjoy it very much. And that I can choose to out and spend some time socializing and like it very much (in small doses). A flaw? hardly.

I share this with you too, and Olivia’s comment has resonance too. Because I’ve got a background in theatre and love leading groups and stuff, people are always a bit shocked when I reveal my introverted side. I definitely need lots of “me time” and quite time – and that part shocked even me! hehe.

I hope you have lots of fun at all of your events!

I haven’t read “Introvert Advantage,” but it sounds like something I should look for! Hope the opening for WishStudio went well for you and Melba. How wonderful the two of you should both be there – wish I could, too!

I am definately going to look for that book this weekend! It sounds like something that I would benefit from!

I skulk along the walls at parties and in social settings – I love to be out and invited, but the small talk and mingling amongst strangers….um, not so much. It was great 15 years ago when I smoked, having that ciggie was a good distraction and something to do – now I’d look like a freak if I took out say a book for my prop. (=

I hope you had a wonderful time at the Wish Studio – so many bloggers I love were going to be there, I want the full report!!

Hope you had a great weekend. I can totally relate! I need my alone time to re-group, gain some balance and be creative. I think all artists/writers are that way by nature.
Be gentle with yourself.

“It’s not really that I don’t like people or parties, I mean, these are happy social events with friends! And usually, once I’m there, I have a great time.”

I experience the same thing! Even with friends I’ve known for awhile. When A and I have a date to do something with friends, or a party, there’s a kind of routine. At some point several hours beforehand I feel sleepiness (resistance) and my mood changes. He always recognizes what it is, and he nudges me along. We make an agreement about when we can leave the event. Knowing a time helps me. And yep, after we arrive and I settle in, I truly enjoy myself. Usually we stay well past the time we agreed to prior! It’s a quirk of my personality that I’ve come to accept; it doesn’t have to be rational. It just needs to be manageable. :)

I cannot wait to check out this book.
I am so glad that you enjoyed your weekend and I was glad to see some photos on Melba’s blog.
I hope you get rested and are doing great!
xo Tori

Sadly, I’m totally introverted too and often opt OUT of things like this. Good for you for going. :)

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