Summer in the City

June 30th, 2007

The fiansor and I headed into the city today to feed the fiansor's craving for antique coins. He's become quite fascinated by them lately. We got a really yummy lunch and people watched. The tourists were out in full force. Boston was beautiful today and we got to glimpse the gorgeous combo of reflected fluffy clouds in glass buildings contrasted against the old brick of historic structures. We also got to glimpse some really overcrowded spaces. Walking into Haymarket was a bad, bad idea. It was wall to wall people and no way out. We just missed being hit by fruit and vedgies that some angry man was throwing at a vendor. Eeks! Later we walked into the North End, also swamped with people, saw a wedding party waiting outside an old church and got some gelato in a paper cup. I got an armful of magazines, quite a treat for me, and now we're home again.


I'm in the middle of two art pieces, so I'll post those later on, but I did come across this piece done awhile back that I stored away because I got frustrated with it. It's caran d'ache on watercolor paper and I'm calling it "Home Field." Again with the homes. Seems to be a theme along with the women with their hair blowing in the wind. I like this quote as it expresses how I often feel about making art. And I think my art makes more sense than my words most of the time. :-)

The joy of painting is the exploration of who you are, how you see and feel and how you think in paint. - Carole D Barnes

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I love that house and the birds. I imagine it’s exciting to go back to something you started…reminds me of changing my seasonal clothing over, being excited to see your favorite winter/summer item again with fresh eyes, remembering when you put it away, you were done. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xo

I love this piece. She seems calm and pensive and content to just be. hmmmmm what a nice place to be. Leah, you are a beautiful artist who is able to capture the essence of women. I smile everytime I see a creation of yours because you just get it…

I love hearing about your adventures in Boston; it is such a great city.

I love your paintings of women; I see You in every one.

I know it gets redundant for me to always be posting… “Wonderful piece!” and such but honestly… I love all of your work! It is all so wonderful and amazing and the colors you choose always go together so well and really contribute to the story of the painting. Someday, I’m going to buy one for my own… :)

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