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June 26th, 2007

I think owls are totally adorable. This may be partly due to the fact that my kitty, Emma, looks so much like a big-eyed owl. Hehe. Anyways, I purchased a series of smaller canvases and I intend do do a bunch of smaller pieces this week and next for $100 each. "Purple Owl" will be up in my store shortly.

I took a side view shot, so you can see how it goes around the sides. It's about 6"x6" with acrylic and collage on canvas. Blue tissue paper has been collaged into the sky.

I heard from an old friend today and when I say old, I mean I've known her since I was teeny-tiny. We don't speak to eachother often, but it's nice to catch up. She was telling me about how her three cats are all different colors so she can't cheat and get furniture and clothes to match all the fur they shed. I wrote back about how my cat Tabbers, our fluffy orange boy cat, is the biggest shedding culprit and how it made me laugh to think about dressing and furnishing my space entirely in orange. I tried to picture it and it made me giggle. But it also made me think about how much orange I've been using in my art lately. In fact, my art website is currently based around an orange and blue theme.  I was never a huge fan of orange, but it seems lately that I've taken quite a liking to it. Then, I happened to click over to decor8 and was taken aback by all the orange. In a bit of synchronicity, Holly had posted a whole series on the color orange and its use in design on her blog today. I especially loved the orange pillows from Joom, and orange koi glasses from Anthropologie. I'm kinda crazy for pillows at the moment. Anyways, there's loads of orange inspiration! Yummy. It's making me crave an orange creamsicle.

Well, it seems like I may be slowly phasing out of the orange phase myself. I enjoyed working in dreamy purples last night. But one never knows. I follow my whims wherever they may lead (at least with color.) Ok, I've got loads of art to upload to the shop, so toodaloo for now!

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orange you glad? knock-knock jokes are big around here. (= i was never a fan of orange either but man, i’ve got a thing for it now big time. i’ve slowly been collecting orange accessories – my filofax is orange, an orange watch, orange chucks. i think because more range of color has been used and now instead of bright, electric orange, there’s the red/blue undertones that make it so appealing.

I {{{HEART}}} synchronicity!

I {{{HEART}}} owls too! :)

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