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July 17th, 2007

Ah, it's a beautiful day. I had a rough start; woke up with a killer migraine, stumbling to the bathroom to get some medicine I stubbed my toe on an old bureau and a chunk of wood got lodged in my toe. Owie. Got an explanation for my migraine (got my period) and went back to bed with my hair over my eyes to block out any light and worked on breathing through the nausea. After I fell back to sleep, I woke to snuggly kitties surrounding me and happy birthday messages from family and friends on my phone and email. I had some leftover ice cream from a sundae brought to me by the fiansor last night and puttered around before a dancing and singing in the shower session. Now, I'm off to make the most of the rest of my day. I think I'll get some art supplies to play with, have an art picnic, and maybe take a walk in the woods. I hope your day is a colorful one! To help you along, here's a fun web-page from Pantone called Colorstrology. They list a pantone color and characteristics for each day of the year that tell about the people born on that day. Today's color is Iris with the words Interesting, Private and Provocative and this description: "There is always something unusual and provocative about people born on this day. You are your own person and you like to do things in your own way. You are not the type to follow others. You can be seductive and controlling when you want to be. Your personal color helps you connect with others while dissolving feelings of isolation. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Iris allows ease and flexibility as you move through obstacles." Heh, kinda fun, eh? Oh, the word seductive just reminded me that I have a coupon for a free bottle of personalized perfume from Aveda. Yum. I think I'll go pick that up today.

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Happy Birthday, Leah! Ouch, though – what a way to start your day….hope your day has gotten much, much better – and wishing you everything you wish for yourself this coming year! xox

Happy Birthday, Leah! We haven’t met/emailed/spoken, but your art/blog/comments continue to be dependable sources of inspiration and synchronicity for me. Hope you have a great year!


Happy birthday! Glad you got a chance to restart your day in a much more birthdayluscious day!

Happy Birthday Leah – hope you are feeling better after the pain at both ends of your body!

Happy Happy Birthday! This will be your best year yet! I know it!

Thanks so much for this link. I just went through the site. My color is Azalea. I loved reading my profile; great inspiring fun!!!


I’ve just put up a picture of waterlilies in honor of your day. Hope your day has been wonderful! xo

Happy Birthday to you Leah! Sorry it started out so horribly, but going to Aveda should certainly make the day so much better. I wanna know what your scent is! :-)

Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Leah!
Glad you were able to get rid of the worst of the headache!
Enjoy all the moments of your special day.

Whew! I got lost there for a little while on the Colorstrology site. Very cool! And yummy oh yummy, I love Aveda perfume. I wear it for days when I want to feel strong and beautiful. ;)

But most important I want to say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :) May you have a wondeful year filled with all the things you’ve been dreaming for!

lots of love,

Happy happy happy birthday! Sounds like you had a delightful day planned and I hope it went as you wished it would ~~~ birthday wishes for a magical new year!

Yes…what a great day to have a birthday…may it be so wonderful! It sounds like you already did some fun things. Loved the colorstrology…
p.s….you girl is beautifully gracing my entry way so everyone sees her as they come in the door. You did such a wonderful job. I get great comments!
thank you …

happy Birthday

I hope your head feels better (and your foot)

Happy, happy birthday! You bring a lot of joy into people’s lives with your art and your inspiring way of looking at the world. Hope your birthday was as wonderful as you!

Happy birthday to you! Ours are very close together, mine being on the 26th. Wahoo for July birthdays! Sorry to hear about your migraine but I’m glad that it went away and that you got to enjoy your big day. Sounds like it was a great one! You deserve it, dearie! :)

OOOh….. Big smoochy birthday kisses dear one!

hee~hee xoxox

happy birthday, leah…

i read your post about the introverts while i was here, and got my knowledge that i’m an introvert confirmed anew.

have a wonderful birthday. ooh, squeezes.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Leah….
Happy Birthday to you!

happy birthday! make a wish ;) ….sure hope it comes true!

Happy Birthday late – sorry, just got back in town from Hawaii…

BIG SMOOCHY JUICY KISSES lil’ Leah. Hippo Birdie Two Ewes dear friend.

Comin’ to Maine r ya?

Oh Happy Birthday (even if I am a bit late)! Aren’t birthdays just the best? Now I have to go read wha tyour color site says about my birthday.

I always get such cool info. when I visit here – I’m going to the pantone site right now.

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