I’m Melting!

July 29th, 2007

I don't do too well in high heat and humidity. My mind turns to mush, I lose my appetite along with desire to do anything. My hair gets all crazy, my cheeks flushed, the undersides of my knees are sweaty. It's not pretty. Combine the heat with yesterday's bridal shower for my future s-i-l and I'm so drained. Times like this, I long for a pool, a river, something watery to sit in all day long (the shower just isn't fun and the bathtub isn't big enough for me (which is saying something considering how small I am.)

Weddingy things are getting checked off the list...invitations, flowers, favors (thanks for your input!)

My mom would say, if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. And since I'm feeling rather like a big complainicus, I'll stop while I'm ahead.

By the way, if you have Comcast On Demand and HBO there are two really funny specials on there, sure to make you laugh, even if you're an overheated baby like me. One is Assume the Position 201 with Robert Wuhl which takes a really funny look at American history and the other I watched this morning, a comedy special with Bill Maher called "the Decider." Many good hearty laughs were had watching this one.

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We live for the heat…but even *I* was melting today. We got stuck in slow traffic coming back from the Sacramento suburbs and it was HOT (almost 100). Well, okay, I suppose we could have rolled up the windows and turned on the A/C…but, well, we don’t roll like that… ;) I’ve been thinking about you this weekend. Pulled the Twyla Tharp book off the shelf last night to read during J’s sound check. I’d skimmed through it before–reading willy-nilly. This time I’m going to start at the beginning and really READ it. So thank you again for sending it to me–I’m truly enjoying it. xoxo

LOVE the tree in a box idea!!

i get really angry during the hot, summer months. my road rage also escalates. i’m sure i don’t need to tell you living in texas is a real problem.

it was humid here too this weekend, and you should have seem my hair…it is getting bigger each day…and just when I think it can;t get bigger…it does.

“Complainicus”… that is funny. I’m one in the heat too. Ugh.

we are getting sporadic thunderstorms (very sporadic – down pour at cottage, dry at house, not one mile up the road). But we have had such a non-humid summer up until now that I find I cannot complain. Even with air in our cars. Tho I do stay in the house a lot (but I do that anyways because of the skeeters) in the air. Nasty as it is, it’s just one season and then on to the next. And I do so love the seasons that I enjoy them when I’m there (except February – February is always too long!).

I struggle with the heat too!
Leah, read this post about introversion:

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