The Hungry Wedding Dinosaur

July 26th, 2007

Dinosaur_2 Geez Louise, where has the week gone. Wait, never mind, I know where it's gone. It was eaten by the wedding dinosaur. Chomp, chomp! It's my fault for procrastinating about a bunch of things or not simply procrastinating, but adding more and more options and having the worst time figuring out how to create some random, perfect *fill in the blank* (invitation, flowers, centerpiece, etc) that will fit in with my creative, romantic idea that represents who we are as a couple and ahhh! Then add a weekend full of well-meaning, but crazy-making parents including the fiansor's parents visiting from NY and by the end of it, I was seriously considering eloping.

Yesterday we met with our venue coordinator to go over food choices and timing and she was so together that it made us both feel good about the wedding again. I've come around to the philosophy that nothing is ever perfect and I'll feel better if I just make choices and move on. There's plenty to do still, but things are coming together. Oy. I would never, ever, ever, be a wedding planner. This is so not my thing. A lot of it has fallen to me to take care of and I'm getting through it, but boy oh boy, I'm looking forward to the planning being over, so I can enjoy the actual day!

I got some art together to ship out today and worked on invitation wording and ran some errands. I do have some art that I've been working on slowly, so I'll have that done and up soon. I've been reading, but I'm not quite caught up on all the blogs I love to read and I've bookmarked a ton that I want to comment on, I've fallen behind and it's hard to catch up! I had to squeeze in some late night hours of reading the final Harry Potter book too (I'm so sad it's over!) I've got a meeting with the florist on Friday and I'm "hosting" (at my mom's house) a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law on Saturday, so there's more wedding craziness ahead, but hopefully in the next week I won't feel quite so crazed and I'll be able to fit in more art!

Speaking of art, has anyone ever used a product called "Sheer Heaven." It sounds dirty doesn't it? Maybe that's just my mind, but it's just a vellum-like paper. 

Other randomness: What do you think about a tree as a favor? Would you rather have food? I love the look of this "tree in a box".

p.s. I got the dinosaur image from this page of dino clip art. Feel free to save it, print it and color it in on a rainy day. :-)

p.s.s. I once won a hat decorating contest in 5th grade for covering a top hat with plastic dinosaurs (all from my little sister's collection. She was a big dino fan.)

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I love the “tree as a favor” idea, so much more thoughtful than a candle holder or rinky-dink trinket gift. My cousin did a sweet thing at his wedding: instead of a wedding favor, they donated money to a non-profit in the wedding guests; names. They chose a diabetes foundation since it affects both sides of the family, then printed up little “scrolls” to put on the table informing us guests that this was done. It was heartwarming and thoughtful.

When things are getting overwhelming with the planning, remember what is really important: the marriage. The wedding day is just the commencement. …oh and don’t forget to deep breathe. :)

Yes, I totally agree. Wedding planning is not so fun, but on your day, you’ll see all of these little puzzle pieces come together, and you’ll feel so proud of the work you did to make the day so beautiful. You’ll see!!
I love the idea of the ‘tree in a box’ as a favor. What an awesome idea.

There’s a d-d-d-dino who eats weddings??????

*fainting at the thought*

I know exactly how you feel about the weddign planning. Totally was not my thing either. Just know that when your wedding day comes, it will all fall into place somehow. Try not to get overwhelmed with all the details–the day will pass by in a blur anyway!!
I love the idea of a tree in a box. Very symbolic and such a beautiful gift.

I love the Tree in a Box idea. How clever and I think it would make a lovely happy gift.

Sounds like you are in the throes of wedding craziness. Wow!

You have a great attitude about planning…make the decision and move on.

I think a tree is really a lovely idea…unique and so you!


omg where do people come up with wedding ideas like a tree in a box? is that not the BEST idea I have ever seen?!!!!!! Oh I vote for the tree in the box, absolutely! (but then I’m a tree hugger and in great favor of anything that puts more and yet more trees on our fast degreening planet!) Good for you! (and good for whomever invented this idea. $5 each?!!!!!)(I hope they get rich).

I, too, like the “tree in a box” idea—beautiful and creative!

I love the tree in a box! Two wedding stories for you:

a) The best wedding favor I ever got was two daffodil bulbs, it was a fall wedding (the time you plant bulbs of course) and the box came with a note saying that we were to plant the bulbs and in the spring they would remind us of the couple. AWESOME favor… so go with the tree..

b) on the resolution that things go wrong at weddings… It’s a good philosophy to have. My sister-in-law can be a little “control freaky” but she must have taken in your lesson before her wedding because after the bridesmaids had left the house (i.e. it’s just her waiting for her carriage) she got a call saying that the horse had been seriously injured (it was a horse drawn carriage clearly) and had had to be put down that morning! There was no carriage. Instead, she calmly got a lift to the church with her parents and didn’t let her pahse her. When the guests found out they were without a “pulling away from the church” vehicle a family friend colunteered to chauffeur them in his red convertable expensive (rich daddy) car. It was lovely, and all because she kept her cool!

These are my wedding lessons for you ;) , learn them well grasshopper!

The tree in a box is a perfect favor! I love the whole idea of being able to plant a tree to remember the wedding of a friend.

And Sheer Heaven has been around for a while. It’s similar to Yupo, but thinner. HTH…


oooh! oooh! i love the tree in the box idea! not only will you be helping the environment, but those who plant your tree will remember the day always! :)

just a guess…but are you getting a little excited for you weddding? heehee! :) happy planning!

I gave trees in a box as Christmas presents this year, and since I am such a tree lover, I say, you MUST do it!
My two cents on your wedding…as if you need anymore advice :)

i am all over that tree-in-a-box. :)

Oh, yeah. Trees in a box definitely beat pastel jordan almonds or tiny picture frames. I work with caterers quite a bit, so I’ve seen lots of things – love the trees!

Sheer Heaven does sound a bit like a sexual aid, like a flavored lotion or something, so it must be my mind, too!

it’s a cute wedding dinosaur, though!

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