The Pleiades and further Synchronicity

July 14th, 2007

Here's the piece of art that I mentioned yesterday, "Dreaming of the Seven Sisters":

With the Inspire Me Thursday theme of 7 last week, I popped around at the response of others and over at Bee Creative, I read about the Seven Sisters constellation (the Pleiades.) I did a little more research about them and the story just stuck in my head. In the Greek myth, seven beautiful sisters were pursued by Orion. Zeus helps them to escape by turning them into seven doves. You can read more about what I discovered in researching this story and see some details of the painting over at the Blue Tree Blog.

I had a very cool bit of synchronicity as I discovered last night that among the names that the constellation was given in different cultures, it was also called "Freya's hens." This cracked me up after all that I wrote about Freya and Friday the 13th yesterday. Hehe. Circles and circles and circles again.

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Glad you are feeling better! Love the info on Freya and the 13th – new to me. And love the idea of the binder with ideas in it – something I keep threatening to do but just haven’t gotten a round tuit yet. Have a great weekend! I’m back off to NC to snoop around and look at houses. My favorite thing. And dream (which is why I need one of those notebooks)

This is beautiful! It seems Freya is gently tapping you on the shoulder. :D

A very beautiful picture – full of soul magic.

P.S. Friday the 13th is one of my favourite days, and I try to mark it special in some way. 13 is a lucky number for me (I carried 13 red roses on my wedding day), and Friday is ruled by the goddess Venus too. Glad that you wrote about the legends/myths etc in your blog :-)

I like the idea of the folder – may try it out for myself…

Oh, I love that sort of synchronicity. Wow.

Oh, I love that sort of synchronicity. Wow.

Oh, I love that sort of synchronicity. Wow.

Love this. Simply delightful!

Hi leah, I love this painting! it seems like she’s flying taken away by the birds. I love it.

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