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August 17th, 2007

Here's another subway piece. This one is smaller, 6"x6". Cute, eh? Another in the Subway Stories series, called "Orange Line." I've got more in process, but here's one for now.

Doing my best to not feel overwhelmed at the moment. I feel a little behind the 8 ball and I've got a lot goin on. Wedding invitations came in and they're gorgeous. I'll post pictures at a later date. Saturday morning I have a hair and make-up trial. I'm so hopeless with make-up so I need the help. All the sudden the wedding is getting really, really close! Eeks! My shower is next weekend and I'll be doing a very relaxed bachelorette party (something like paint your own pottery with some girlfriends). I'm working on a bunch of projects and trying to just keep breathing and keep approaching it all with calm and steady baby steps. It will all get done.

Spent the day with my best friend and her new baby, putting together invitations and stamping envelopes, and cooing over a cute baby face. :-) I feel body, mind, soul tired. Time for bed!

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I LOVE your subway series.
It is so exciting to come here and see you art and I get all excited for your wedding for you!


I have forgotten… when are you getting married? Is it coming up very soon?

A paint your own pottery bachelorette party sounds perfect… so much fun!

Love the new Subway Line. :)

I LOVE this subway series.
It speaks to me, moves me, in ways I don’t have words for.

I am enjoying these new subway pictures, cool! Well Done for sticking to the daily creative oath… I’m still hanging in there, just, and it is only day 2 for me!! Lizzi

I’m so excited for your wedding! I can’t wait to hear all about it.
Until then, I hope you can find some relaxation time.

wedding is such a special time and busy too;-)
best wishes!

you DO have a lot on your plate….so, breathe. =]
Love these subway pieces. But you know that alreayd. I’ll say it anyways because it’s always good to hear.

You are right…baby steps. It WILL all come together. I like the subway series!

You are right…baby steps. It WILL all come together. I like the subway series!

Hi, Leah. I hope I can participate on your November art project. What a neat idea! Sounds like you and I have a lot in common: making art, living fully and getting married! ;-)

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