Breathe, Breathe

August 28th, 2007

Art that was made over a couple evenings and there are some sketches I did earlier that I may or may not post as time allows. In this piece I was inspired by the gorgeous art of Bailey Saliwanchik whose art I saw online at the Three Graces Gallery. My piece below, "Woman with Lilies" is about 11"x14" with acrylic and pencil on watercolor paper.

I like how she turned out. I was also inspired by one of Jessie's latest art piece which is why I had to scoop it up. :-)

In other news, I'm feeling a sudden time crunch. The days are folding in on one another so fast and I feel slightly suffocated. My hair/make-up trial (hair wasn't good and my mom's allergic to her make-up) didn't go well a few weeks ago and now I'm scrambling to find someone else. Arg. Trying to remember what keeps me balanced...making art, getting exercise, laughter, not too much caffeine, quiet time, good self-care, playfulness. The r.s.v.p.'s have started to come in which is fun, but also reminds me how close this wedding is! Ack! Double Ack! Anticipation was never my strong point. So, please excuse previous and future blathering about how much closer the wedding is every single day. Heh. Deep breathing.

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My hair and makeup trial was a disaster as well and I didn’t find out until 2 weeks before the wedding (because that was their policy – wtf?). Luckily though, I went down the street to a better salon, told them my plight and ended up with a wonderful stylist. Then I just went to Sephora for a consultation and decided to do my own make-up. Ironically, they both ended up better experiences and I had more fun doing them on my wedding day. Don’t worry, keep breathing. Brides are everywhere and so are the people that service them. You will find someone that’s perfect for you.

breathe in…1…2…3…4….and out….2….3…4…

You have a lot going on alright! Breathe. Relax. It’s just one day that begins the rest of your days. Just like today. Only you get to be the star and wear a beautiful gown. You don’t do that everyday! I am excited for you.

lovely girls in your art. I really like the one below with the birds in her body. noticed your doodling (sp?) post below; there is a book out that gives prompts for doodling. I haven’t looked at that in a while but now would be the perfect time to start carrying it again. thanks for the reminder!

ugh. i share your pain with the hair and makeup trial. i went for my hair trial a few weeks ago and they spent the whole time on my mom’s hair and just kinda held my hair up to show me what it would look like. uh? hello? who’s the bride?! i wanted to get all bridezilla on them. i held myself back.

Just keep on breathing!!! You’re art work is so inspiring – this piece is a great reminder to take deep breaths. Funny how the word inspire has it’s root meaning in breath … “to infuse (breath, life, etc.) by breathing.”

You are doing all this hard preparation work and it will turn out beautifully. Let go of outcomes, it will simply be. And you will be lovely, even if you wore a potato sack and your hair in a pony tail. Your beauty comes from within, the beauty of your wedding comes from the union of you two and the beauty of life is it does not have to be perfect to be perfect.

I’m breathing with you :)

Deep breathes… it WILL be fine! Trust the flow of the Universe.

Lovely gentle picture.

I think of you often Leah as both of our big weekends are coming up. Six weeks away ~I can’t believe!

What a beautiful girl you created, Leah! I love it!
Just remember to breathe. It’ll all fall into place. xo

Yes, breathing is good. I remember at this point that Justin and I would often look at each other and say, “Punta Cana,” which is wear we went for our honeymoon, hehe. It was our reminder that we would be married, together and relaxing soon :)

Good for you for giving yourself time with the trial run. Now you know there is definitely better out there for you. I’m sending you positive vibes for finding a place and stylists that make you all feel pampered and beautiful.

Thinking of you, Jamie

I remember the RSVP’s coming in – isn’t it lovely to see the sweet missives guests write on the cards? I saved everyone of the replies for that reason. I did my own makeup and hair because I know how fussy I am. Good that you’ve done a trial run and I know you’ll find someone that works well for you.

Here’s my deep breathe for you – did you feel it? xoxo

What a beautiful, exciting day…I love weddings and their anticipation and the beauty of new adventures of love. This is going to be a beautiful day…and as someone said above, keep breathing and thinking of your honeymoon…time to relax and enjoy each other’s beauty. Take care my friend.

love the colors on this one. very soothing.
my mom was allergic to her makeup too. that’s bizarre.

this art is beautiful; so liking the layers of her.

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