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August 24th, 2007

Art to be posted later. Started something last night and I'm not sure where I'm taking it. What I know is that I wish I had a big wooden panel to paint it on. Something tall and skinny. I wonder if I can get a panel cut like that locally?

I've got a new post up at the Blue Tree blog with all my Subway art together with sizes and prices and information about the show they can all be seen at next month at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH. Nahcotta also has a blog here and they featured a piece of my subway art there the other day which was awesome. Nahcotta is a gorgeous space and I'm excited to see (in person) the art of so many talented artists I've admired online (and meet some of them too at the opening!) Oh, I just popped over to their blog and saw the postcard for the show (looks great!) and saw that they're running a cool contest, so do go check it out!

Last night, after a very full day, I found myself feeling exhausted. I sat down and watched a long documentary on Katrina, When the Levees Broke, on HBO. It was devastating and at one point, out of nowhere I started to sob. I know I can get overwhelmed by the smallest things, but it's the big things on top of the small things that really overwhelm me. Sometimes there is too much sadness to know what to do with it. I contribute in my own small ways, through charities, through art, through being a decent person. But I feel so small in comparison to so much suffering. Of course, it's the stories of individual people and their suffering that broke my heart. It certainly puts things in perspective and makes me grateful for the life I have. But it also makes me furious with our inept government. How could they turn their backs on such a disaster? I don't understand.

For bit of a lighter tale, here's a conversation I had with my mom this morning about my bridal shower tomorrow.

her: "So, what time are you going to get there tomorrow? I'll be there an hour early."
me:  "Ok, so do you want me to be there early?"
her: "Well, I'd like you to be a little surprised."
me: "Ok, so would you like me to show up on time, with the guests?"
her: "Well, it might be nice to have you there a little early."
me: "Mom, just tell me. What time would you like me to be there?"
her: "Oh. Well, let me think about it."

Oy vey. From our conversation I'm guessing she'd like me to be 15-20 minutes early and I just want to make her happy, but I wish she'd just tell me what she wants sometimes! I do this sometimes too, this beating around the bush. I'm working at being more direct and this crazy-making conversation makes me even more determined to do so. So, I'll be driving up with my future mother and sister in law and showing up early, but not too early. Heh. I've just gotta laugh. I get all uncomfortable with the focus on me, so this will be a nice, but tiring day. And I'm sure I'll come home with my arms full of new towels and kitchen appliances and maybe some lingerie. ;-)

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I go to home depo & they cut my wood for me. It takes them about 30 seconds!
I just love looking at your subway art, please keep posting it!

Oh honey, I sobbed too (several times) watching Spike Lee’s documentary. How could a person NOT? I came away from WTLB with awareness of a loss of innocence. Tragic events happen within our borders that can overwhelm the system on which we rely. It (as with 9/11) awakened me from an oblivious state of assumption. I also, as a result, created a home disaster kit and go-bags for our family vehicles. A small act of responsibility and self-preservation that might not be enough if a disaster strikes, but it’s better than nothing.

I felt self-conscious before my baby shower about being the center of attention. Once there I felt quite at home. Bask in the love. You deserve it.

Wow, Leah, you have a lot on your plate! Congratulations on having your beautiful work displayed. I too am a big fan of your subway art :)

I watched that documentary too, over here in the UK – so sad and so incomprehensible… why would a government treat their own citizens like that? I thought Iraq was bad enough of a fiasco until I watched ‘When the Levees Broke’ – so much suffering. Where is the compassion? And what about those Insurance Companies?!! Dreadful. E

P.S. The Nahcotta gallery looks FAB! Well done you, you must be soooo excited! :-) Hugs, E

I’ve haven’t really visited you in almost two years. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and please know that I think your Subway Stories are amazing.

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