Mindless Doodling and Rambling

August 20th, 2007

One of the tricks of doing art every day for a period of time (at least this works for me) is to loosen your idea of what art is. Lots of things lead to art, including play and scribbling and experimenting and making a royal mess. Hehe. This comes in particularly handy on days with time constraints with lots going on and not a lot of energy or time left over for creating. Saturday was busy and I wasn't feeling great, so in order to keep creating, I needed to simplify. I took out a watercolor pad and some new nibs (for calligraphy) and played. I had purchased some new nibs for addressing my wedding invitations and needed to play with them first. And my general exhaustion after a long day was calling for some mindless doodling. The writing here was just what popped out.

Last night, after addressing many invitations and my mind a pile of mush, I pulled out one of those little plastic box of watercolors and played. I was inspired to play with watercolors by this week's Inspire Me Thursday challenge. I'm bummed I didn't get to the DNA one from the week before, but I'll get to it eventually. This watercolor below was the result of some play. Just laying down color on wet paper. The two big forms of color suggested fall trees and I went with that. Fall is definitely in the air.

The invitations look lovely and I'll share those later. I had a hair and make-up trial on Saturday. The make-up was great and the hair wasn't so great, so I'm in a bit of a pickle as to what to do about that. Hire someone else? Go back for another hair trial? Well, I guess that's why we have a trial. Rumph.

I've got a few more Subway Stories pieces in the works, gotta varnish and prep the finished ones for hanging and then take them off to a gallery on Thursday when I'm up in NH for a wedding dress fitting. I may be saying this ridiculously often, but I can't believe how close the wedding is! Ack! Less than two months! (It's Saturday, Oct. 13th, by the way.)

Lots to get done and so I'm off...like a fall leaf riding the wind, like a suit at the end of the day, like the t.v. late at night, like a horse at the races, like the months that scream by the older you get.

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Mindless doodling will usually yield spectacular results, and yours is a perfect example! I love your painting as well. Isn’t it wonderful when you can let the paint suggest the subject matter?

I’m very impressed that “just playing around” led to these beautiful trees! I do love the colors, too — thank you for sharing.

Beautiful post, Leah, filled with important points and poetic words…it’s great fun being “creative every day” with you :)

I may have to try replacing my morning pages with doodling.

Your trees are great. I love how loose they feel.

I too love the loose style of the trees…and doodling is just something I can’t live without!!

“like the months that scream by the older you get”
Boy you said it! I can’t believe how fast time flies.
I am really enjoying your subway series, but these doodles and more spontaneous pieces are fun too!

I love your doodling!
What a lovely time of year to get married. I hope that the dress fitting goes well. Make sure that you get lots of rest throughout these busy weeks.

Love the birdwatching doodling – and the trees bursting into watercolor. Lovely, Leah!

Some of my best ideas have come from doodles! Your doodle looks like a bridge between addressing envelopes and the watercolor you did. I love the trees and the runny colors. The little bit of white apper coming through makes me think of that sliver of sun you see on a cloudy, rainy day… that piece of light that makes you hopeful that it will clear up and the sun will come out.

Love the trees! The doodles are a lot of fun too, thanks for sharing them.

Oh my goodness! I love the fall tree painting so very much! The red tree is especially beautiful. What wonderful work!

I like the ‘no pressure’ philosophy you take with your work. Too much discipline seems to bring on artistic constipation – for me anyway. ‘Makin a mess’ is so much more fun. The doodles turned out great. Atmospheric.

Also love your new pieces. I’m especially crazy about the Subway series. Wow!!!

I love the fluffy effect . Great !!

What wonderful, liberating words.
I’m the same way with my writing. If I can’t do “real” writing then I lose myself in writing out a list, words I like, some small sentence. and then I realize this is “real” writing to, and where I sometimes the greatest treasure.

“…my mind a pile of mush” (love this!) = magical, alive heart beats of your art!

Mush Mind is a powerful Muse!
Love the cadence of your doodles and the trees…anyone receiving one of your invites will be in for an artistic treat!

word doodles, subway stories, letters in art – love them all. =]

The first time I got married was Oct 14 (1967)….then we went to the Poconos and it was beautiful. Fall weddings are very nice. This time we got married on Valentine’s day – figured it was de rigeur since we got engaged on Sadie Hawkins Day – you yung’uns know about Sadie Hawkins Day?

Your art is wonderful.

I love the doodles! Even your doodles are artistic :) Hmm…that might be something I do for Art Ever Day Month.. I’ve been thinking about it and contemplating what I’ll do (I’ve never done art EVERY day!). And, love the watercolor. Isn’t it cool how when we look at something in our creations…it tells us what to do next? .. Simply beautiful Leah!

Oh… “like a fall leaf riding the wind,” – this resonates with me so…letting go and allowing the wind…or the winds of the universe… to carry and support us. Letting go…and going for the ride. It’s a beautiful thing. Thank you for the reminder, Leah!

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