The Weekend and some Art

August 26th, 2007

The shower was really lovely. My mom and best friend did such a great job putting it together and I had a great time. They did a tea theme with iced and hot teas and finger sandwiches which reminded me of when I was little and my mom would cut the crust off my bread. My mom found these adorable tea bag rests for favors and my best friend set up a scrapbook table for guests to make their own page as my guest book. She also arranged some games including one with questions and answers that she'd asked the fiansor by email earlier and people had to guess how many I'd get right. There were questions like where was your first date, what's your most annoying habit, what do you love most about her and what do you think she loves most about you? Some of them just didn't apply to us (like who is your (and her) celebrity crush? I guessed Fabio for both and he said Carrot Top for both. heh.) , so I got 12 out of 20 right which was pretty good I think. :-)

Yesterday's art was decorating little thank you bags for my mom, sister, best friend and future sister in law for their help with the shower. It said "From my shower to yours" and had shower gel and a loofah thing inside. I got that idea from the best friend who got it from the knot. :-) I decorated the bags with little umbrellas and rain drops, but forgot to take a pic. Ah well. Thursday's art, "Bird Silhouettes," is above. I've been playing with it and I want to do another version of it at some point cause it's not quite what I want. I still like it, I'm just having trouble bringing my idea into reality as it's a very fuzzy vision.  It's on watercolor paper with watercolors and ink. And then the piece below, Friday's art, "Butterfly Woman" is a just playin around with caran d'ache piece and that's just what came out.

The fiansor's family has left for NYC and we're home relaxing at last. Ahhhh.

p.s. The show at Nahcotta where I'll be showing my Subway Stories is running from September 12th - October 7th. And the opening is Friday, September 14th from 5 - 8 p.m. And I'll be there! :-)

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Enjoy your time relaxing…I love the idea of the thank you bags too…
Glad to see you still are having time for your beautiful art. Good luck with your Subway stories too!

Hey! I’m glad your shower was a success!! Relax with the fiansor as much as possible – and good luck on the show. xo

Butterfly Woman and Bird Silhouettes – love ‘em both, Leah!

Love all the bridal shower ideas, too – I’ll have to pass on those on to my daughter’s friend who’s getting married.

good god grrl, how do you do it all?! you amaze me beyond amazement. your artwork is stunning and your wedding invitations…oh my. it takes me breath away. you are one talented chica. ;)

Oh, I think that bird woman needs lots of work, in fact, I think you should just start all over again and throw this one out(no not over there, over here, right into my hands) – I’ll be happy to dispose of it for you. Leah, you really do have to stop making all this stuff that I WANT! I cannot afford you! Stop it!

(well, no, don’t stop. I’ll just have to work harder)(or hit Lotto)(or sell the cottage – when I sell the cottage I’m coming to see all of your stuff in person, by car so I can take it all home).

so glad the shower went well…and arrival times all worked out….=]

“Bird Silhouettes” is beautiful. I really love the use of black against the white and pale blue. Ironically, that’s also our bedroom color scheme now that I think about it. :-)

How wonderful! It sounds like a special and memorable time – just what you deserve! And what a cool idea for a thank you. It is such a special thing that you can share something of your own creation. Treats all around!

You always post the butterflies just when I need them. How does that happen?

Awww, lovely! :-)
Pretty pictures too. X

I love your lady with the birds on her body!!!
Doves and/or love birds…So gentle

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