August 14th, 2007

I love Carl Kasell yellin' "Yeehaw!" on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on NPR in the little intro to news about the presidential race. I've been listening to lots of podcasts as I'm knee-deep in a project that's drinking up all my time. But it's a fun project. Actually, I've got a few projects going (things tend to come in floods) and it feels good. I've been having crazy synchronicities throughout the last few days (which usually means I'm on the right track.) I should have been writing them down, but my hands have been full of paint and I've just laughed. I just had I was writing the word flood above (which I thought was a random word choice for what I was trying to say), the woman talking on a podcast in the background said, "Where's the flood?" Ha! Just before that, I was thinking about intuition and I got a newsletter from a woman who writes about intuition. Heh. I was thinking about intuition because I got an email from the woman who won this month's Blue Tree newsletter's give-away (hello Carla!) and she had been thinking about me shortly before she got my email telling her she won. She had been reading a book in which a woman dreamed about a Blue Tree and was going to ask me if that's where the inspiration for the name of my business came from. How crazy is that? You know, these stories of synchronicity never sound as cool as when they're actually happening, but they're great fun. And that's just the start. I was painting late last night and a podcast had ended and I didn't put anything else on, so it was very quiet, just the sound of crickets and my paintbrush and my email chirped (it makes a chirping noise to let me know I have mail.) I didn't check the email right away, but I was thinking how nice the quiet was and then when I finished up, I checked my email which was the newsletter from Robert Genn with the subject of "Silence is Golden." Carla Kurt (a different Carla) actually mentioned this newsletter today in a post with some beautiful art.

Anyways, among other projects, I've also decided to attempt to create a piece of art every day for the next month. Now, I'm planning to be fairly relaxed about this because I've got a lot going on. And I've got Art Every Day Month coming up in November. It's going to be the 5th anniversary of Art Every Day Month!! (I'm going to create a page for Art Every Day Month soon, but you can see my albums from past years on the left and I always invite others to join in for a very relaxed creative challenge to create some art (which could be anything) every day for the month of November.) I like a good artsy challenge and wanted to join in with Karen and Jessie on this creative journey.

Anyways, this is from yesterday and there's more. This is a new piece in my "Subway Stories" series. Tammy Vitale owns the first creation that I actually made last year during Art Every Day Month. And this new series will be up at a show which I'll talk about later on. This piece is 10"x10" with collage and acrylic paint on cradled wood board. This series idea came about from riding on the subway and seeing people through the windows of subways passing in the other direction and wondering what their stories were, what their lives contained, their dreams and hopes, what was running through their heads. So many people we pass every day. So many stories!

I'm trying to decide about the name. I could name it after the Green Line (a subway line here) because of the hint of green to the left of the window in the collage (something like Subway Stories: Green Line) or I could name it in reference to the stories that are written within the figures in this piece (something like Subway Stories: Knit, Purl, News) or just give it a number (Subway Stories II). What do you think?

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Hi Leah,
Wow..all those synchronicities are fun! I say it’s the Universe winking at us! — Glad to hear you’re busy w/fun projects. Speaking of projects… I vote for the name “Green Line”… wanna know why? Because that’s the name of the train line I take to work!…and have for the last umpteen years! Now how’s that for synchronicity… yep…the Universe is having a good old time…wink wink!! LOL!

P.S. Blogger’s acting funny, so if you visit my blog and see a half-baked post that doesn’t make sense…that’s ’cause blogger hasn’t updated the correction yet. Which I then deleted it…and it hasn’t done that yet either! Oh well… ya gotta just keep laughing… : )

Hi there – I have just discovered your blog via zazazu and am really inspired by your art every day! Mmmm maybe I should give it a go!! Anyay will look forward to catching up on some of your previous posts and also reading future ones.

I like Green Line for the name of the newest collage painting. Beautiful piece, by the way. :)

I’d LOVE to create one piece each day in as wonderful a way as you do. Oh to have that kind of talent. I truly admire your work.

I also love synochricity. Isn’t it just great? I think that I’m not as open to it as I might be and therefore miss some examples of it but I am going to try to be more open to it in the coming weeks. You have inspired me. :)


Karen Beth :)

I think I’m beyond pleased to be the proud owner of the first of a series that is sure to be popular. =] I know a good thing when I see it! And am also delighted to see you are going to do Art EveryDay Month again. Woohoo! I’m so there! It was great last year. And I can’t wait. Thank you!

So there I was, thinking that I REALLY must do some more art, AND that I should get round to visiting my blogging friends more, when syncronicity came calling again! You and Jessie and Karen are committing to doing a creative act everyday for 1 month … count me in please! Just made a pledge on my blog… I suppose it was no coincidence that you started this on a new moon too?! :-) Lizzi

I have to say those synchronicities totally rock! It means you are in tune with the universe… you’re just letting the energy flow through. I love your subway piece, and since you are so intigued by the stories of those people who pass by in a flash, I think you should name it after the story that first comes to your mind.

Hi Leah,
glad to see you enjoying the synchronicities and for the subway series, I like the title after the things the people are thinking…but the hint of green leading to the Green Line and the fact that that is the name of the line near you, makes that choice a close second for me;-)

I am tempted to take your challenge …art every day…
I have been starting, but slowly…I think I am looking for that kind of challenge…wanting to be involved…
feels like reading this post of yours is a bit of synchronicity for me….

hope your gallery is doing well…and you, too.: )

Hey Leah…remember when I was the newsletter winner last month and we had the little intuition/synchronicity happen, too?! Two months in a row your winners have had you in their energy, so cool. And hey, I just finished reading Robert Genn’s latest newsletter right before I opened blog, the “Silence is Golden” newsletter was good.

I like the subway theme and love naming things but I think it’s too personal for me to try to name it for you. You’re on your own with that one!

Art every day?! Only in my dreams for now! Although I call my new red plain sneakers pretty artsy and cool.

What an interesting series! I like the idea of the people filled with words. What a great idea! I like the knit, purl, news title.

I love all of the art you create. That subway series is wonderful. (Just catching up here…catching my breath after working way too much this month…waving…saying HI!) :)

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