You Know What this Blog Needs? More Cowbell? No, more Subway Art!

August 17th, 2007

Another in the Subway Series. This one, "D Line" is 8"x10" with acrylic and collage on cradled wood board. The stories here are written in the shadows.

Raging migraine today. But still got some business done. Inspired by my class with Alyson Stanfield and the lovely Tammy, I'm taking baby steps to get my art info organized. I'm using a neat system called Flick and so far so good!

A big thank you to Kara at Spritdoll for the Blogging Reflection Award and to Karen at Zazazu for her newly created Uplift Award which I will pass on soon. Many thanks gals! I really appreciate it. :-)

I wish you a wonderfully creative weekend!

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Thank you for calling me lovely – always a good way to start the day! =] and doesn’t Alyson ROCK?!

Love all these subway pieces. very cool!

I just bought software called Working Artist 3.0 to help me organize and keep records of all my artwork. It’s really great. It feels good to get everything in order so that I can move forward too. :)

This one is kind of haunting. As it was loading, I thought, “oh, no people?” and then it finished with the shadows…mmm. Very cool.

Wow, Leah, I’m loving what you’re doing with this subway series!

Oh your art is so layered and profoundly beautiful -
very soulful.

I love the “special information for passengers”
and this sense of a great bit of news…

leah, i am loving your subway series. i especially love the stories that they tell. it makes me appreciate the individual beauty. we are all strangers…and yet we are all connected. beautiful work!

Really enjoying the subway series!

This is the best series! I like the shadows of the people in this one.

I LOVE that you put in just the SHADOWS of the waiting people. Brilliant!

I LOVE that you put in just the SHADOWS of the waiting people. Brilliant!

You are hilarious! I just bought a professional quality cowbell … why NOT?! Cool idea for a series. I just returned from Chicago and took in much of what the city offers – artistically. Talk about a total delight! I love ALL of your work. One day I’ll own an original Leah!

I am loving your subway series! Can I sit under your desk and just watch you create? I promise to be very quiet.

The title of this entry simply cracks me up! :)

The title of this entry simply cracks me up! :)

hmmm don’t know why my last comment posted twice…strange

I’m loving your subway series. xo

Oooo, Leah I’ve bookmarked Alyson’s site that looks like a place I need to explore. And Zazazu looks interesting too. This subway one is way cool but I think I like the ones with the people better. Not being a city person I think this one is a little haunting to me – but that is just me. I do love seeing your creations!

More cowbell… that is hilarious! I love the SNL skit!

I hope you are feeling better from your migraine! Lovely new Subway piece… :)

Leah, I missed this the first time around and am only “seeing” it now, with it’s reposting on Bloglines. I am enjoying the whole series and the dynamic here between expecting people and now having shadows is great! Kudos to you for being the Queen of Creative by creating with a migraine…that is truly amazing and a REAL committment to creativity. But it shows me how we truly can be creative daily and have it affect our work in positive ways, no matter how difficult it is.

Congratulations on your much-deserved awards,

Glad this is an older post and that your migraine is in the past…love, blessings, and peace, Olivia

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