Art and cats…what could be better??

September 18th, 2007

I started this piece awhile ago and then I finished it up in Maine. It's 8"x8" with collage, paint, caran d'ache, and bronze powdered pigment. And I'm calling it, "The Key to These Roots." The roots and the bird came in towards the end and I'm liking them.

All in all, I'm keeping my sanity in the midst of weddingy stuff. I'm not being as good about food and exercise as I'd like, so I'm not going to be the most svelte I've ever been for my wedding. Ah well. I suppose it's better that I don't look the best I'll ever look in my wedding photos, so I don't have to worry about it all going downhill after that and never being that skinny or beautiful again. Geez, lovely the way my mind is working, eh? I'm being generally healthy and exercising here and there, had a great yoga session yesterday. So, I won't beat myself up and I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. I can't seem to motivate myself to be the most fit girl ever for my wedding. 10 years ago, I would have been totally obsessed about this, but today, well, I want to look my best, I want to be healthy, but I'm not going to kill myself over it either. I've got a lot of other wonderful things to attend to.

Helping to keep me grounded are my adorable kitties. With the weather getting a little cooler, they're ridiculously snuggly with me and with each other. Ack, the cuteness! Can't resist!

I've added a new print and a new piece of art to my store and wrote about it all on the Blue Tree Blog, so go check it out!

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Hi, I came over from Tammy’s blog to say hello.
Your painting is like a painted dream with a riddle in it, golden keys to never opened doors…
Very beautiful.

adorable kitties,they look like they are purring

But you see my friend, that you WILL look your MOST beautiful in your wedding pictures because it’s your day and whether you’re at your skinniest or heaviest, what will be remembered and important for you is the day that’s just for you and your love. xoxo

Leah, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I’m proud of you for being gentle with yourself for the big day!!

I love how the kitties are all snuggled up… *happy sigh* Kitties are so cute! I’m considering bringing my little Psychokitty back inside, as soon as I get the major renovations done and the carpets cleaned. I miss her snuggles.

Love the painting and such adorable kittens

What cuties! I love it when cats snuggle up together. Love abounds.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. The big day will be wonderful ideal weight or not.


Weel done at keeping your sanity during this busy time – and creating art and not letting all the preparation make you ill!! I agree that kitties help :)

Curl up with those cuties!!! Don’t freak on the weight thing … I was so excited right before my wedding, running around like a lunatic, that I started eating not-so-good stuff on the run. I still fit into the dress and it was no big deal. Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. Prayers your way.

Major cute factor here… totally photogenic too ;-)
I bet you will radiant love, beauty and hapiness on your wedding day, regardless of fitness levels and dress size, because you are a lovely person.

Awesome painting! I love it :) My kitties are acting different these past couple of days as well. It is cute to see them wanting to be close to us when the weather cools. I like your thoughts about how fit you wouldn’t want to be so that you have more to look forward to afterwards :) haha! I saw that picture of you on your other site and from the looks of it you are very beautful! I’m guessing you must feel completely comfortable with him though! You must be at that stage where you just love one another for who you are and that he thinks your beautiful just the way you are :)

This is a lovely piece, Leah. I think the roots work really well here — they nicely connect all the elements.

It’s much more important to feel good on your wedding day than to be worn out or hungry, and nobody will notice whether you’re at your skinniest or not, because they’ll be watching the joy in your eyes anyway!

Love the kitties! They never fail to keep us going, do they?

I always say in my next life I really really really want to be a cat. Glad you are keeping your sanity! :)

Oh my gosh Leah…I love the Memory Tree Lace. You are incredible with an incredible talent…leaves me in awe. — and I love trees…I just posted a tree mandala…funny we’re on the same wavelength : ) — And your kitties are gorgeous…and yep…I also posted about my kitty! The Universe is winking at us! Keep up your beautiful art.

Your exercise, etc is “just right”. …you’re already beautiful.

Your kitties are so precious! Isn’t it amazing how much comfort and joy they bring?

Please don’t be hard on yourself about being in tip-top shape for the wedding. If you are taking good care of yourself and doing yoga and creating art, then I’m sure you radiate anyway and that is pretty much all a bride needs to do.

You will be fine, perfect, beautiful!

I promise!


Karen Beth :)

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