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September 25th, 2007

At the end of the weekend, I felt drained, exhausted, and low, but I'm doing my darndest to lift my spirits. I took a nap when I got home yesterday, I've been drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and doing yoga and it seems to be helping. That and some time spent with the best friend was essential in brightening my draggy mood.

Worked on some computer stuff this morning and early afternoon and then headed off to meet the best friend and her cute lil baby and we drove up to New Hampshire, hoping to stop by the gallery in Portsmouth, but traffic was icky and we had to go straight to my fitting appointment at the dress shop. Best friend was there to see how the bustle would tie up and oh my, it looks so beautiful. I felt so beautiful in my dress. I was all grungy in jeans and beat up shoes when I got there and in a few short minutes I was transformed. Amazing. I was so excited. The best friend got a quick shot of the bustle with her phone and I would post it, but I don't want the fiansor to see! :-) The seamstress there totally rocks. She's super sweet and she's done an amazing job with the dress. It fits like a glove and I'm so pleased.

I'm also thrilled with the sample necklaces that Maria of Believe Street sent me. I picked them up from the post office today and took them with me so I could show the best friend. It was really hard to choose our favorite one, but I think we have. Now I just need to check with my sister and see if she wants the same one or something different. We took them out at the bridal shop and all the women working there were oohing and ahhing over them. I even wrote out her website address on a piece of paper for them! I hope it leads to some sales, Maria!


Last minute r.s.v.p.'s are coming in and I'm about to delegate to parents a list of people to call who haven't sent theirs in. Our favors arrived in the mail today. I went with the Maple Trees in a box. They're super precious in person and come all boxed up in a pretty little package and ready to go. I could put a sticker on them or something with our names, but eh, not important. I love this company because they provide loads of great information about trees and part of the proceeds of the purchase goes towards planting trees. And if people are able to plant the trees outdoors, what a wonderful way to remember us!

Tomorrow we meet with the venue to hammer out details, Wednesday another hair trial, Thursday a meeting with the photographer, Saturday is my bachelorette party (we're going to paint pottery! yay!) Busy, busy. But I'm feeling excited again. Little moody? Yeah, but I'm ready and all the pieces are falling into place. Looking forward to fitting in some art making this week as I think it would be good for me. We shall see what comes out. Maybe just doodles, maybe more.

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Wow! Things are really gearing up, aren’t they! :) I can feel your energy loud and clear through the blogosphere. Have fun, sweetheart! And enjoy every second of it. :) :)

I love the idea of the tree seeds kits for wedding favors, Lea – that’s such a beautiful metaphor, as you’re planting and growing your own new family tree. Every time you see a maple tree, you’ll have that reminder of putting down rootsand growing together. Lovely!

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