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September 12th, 2007

I've got so much catching up to do! I'm way behind in emailing people back, so if you've written, please don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm just way behind in lots of things at the moment.

The barn at Jes's "Plenty to Do Farm"

I had a wonderful, wonderful time in Maine at Jes's mini art retreat. It was really just what I needed...a wonderful getaway in a beautiful location with an amazing hostess, spending time with great new friends, lots of art-making, good food, antiquing, and laughing. It was so much fun spending time with the super sweet and talented Jes, Tammy, Mindy, Heidi, (and Susan briefly!) We did a fun art exercise by starting with a canvas and creating a background and then passing it on so that each of us did something on everyone else's canvases. In the end we turned out 5 collaborative pieces of art that were completely different and lots of fun!

Mindy and Tammy hard at work

Saturday night we had plans for dinner at a nearby restaurant. We all changed out of sweaty art clothes and headed to dinner and when we got there, we walked into a dining room with a table set for five and at each place setting was a pot of mums with a pretty fairy wand stuck in it. For a moment I thought, "It looks like this place was decorated just for us! What's going on?" Well, these lovely ladies had planned a lovely little surprise wedding shower just for me. I was so incredibly surprised, I nearly cried. What a wonderful gesture. I'll be forever grateful for it! We ate dinner, played games that Tammy had put together, had dessert, and I got some wonderful gifts: art from Tammy and Susan, a super cool picnic basket full of goodies from Jes, a beautiful set of chopsticks from Mindy, and a delicately decorated container with candles and matches from Heidi. It was such an unexpected treat.

My fairy wand, made by Jes!

The previous night, Jes and I drove out to Tammy's restaurant and enjoyed a delicious dinner on the water. It was a wonderful evening. Jes and I got a little mixed up on the way back (because I can't read directions backwards...doh!), but we did get to see a couple drunk guys playing rock, paper, scissors in a parking lot! :-)

On Sunday, Jes, Heidi, Mindy and I went out and did some serious shopping at a flea market. I think I got enough paper goodies to last me for a year! hehe... I'll share pics of those later on. Besides the fun paper goods (books, pictures, etc), I also got a collection of old keys and clock parts, a funky old button, some lace scraps, and a rhinestone brooch (maybe for my hair for the wedding?) After we'd worked up an appetite we lunch and shopped around some more before saying our goodbye's and heading home. I had such a wonderful time, ladies. Thank you again! There are certainly more photos to share, so more later...

I had a bit of a cold over the weekend and it's gotten a little worse, so after taking yesterday to try and rest and get better, I'm a bit frustrated that I'm not all better today, but what can you do.

Tomorrow is my second hair trial. Hopefully that will go well! Oh, and I bought my veil online. I found someone who makes them online and I hope that was a good choice...seems like anything but the way over-priced salon veils would be a good choice at the moment.

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oooh, that sounds like a lovely time with some very special people! and the wedding is oh-so-close!!! :)

Leah, I was so glad you came, you are so much fun to hang with, (even with the sniffles!!) You are always welcome back my friend!! I am so impressed with your artistic abilities and am hoping some of that may have rubbed off on me!

PS…GLAD that you were utterly surprised…you should’ve seen your face!


What a wonderful gift to you for the weekend! I think we’re all following your upcoming wedding plans closely – I know I am happy for you and can’t believe how it isn’t all you talk about. You even hop off for a retreat! Good for you! The weekend sounds pretty spectacular and I’m looking forward to more pictures.

I’m so glad you had such a good time! It sounds like it was wonderful. And how sweet of them to surprise you with a shower. LOVE the wand…put it to good use. ;) xoxo

Leah, I’m so happy you had a great time, you deserved it. Doing Round Robbin collaborative art is so much fun.

We’ve missed you in the blogosphere. Glad you’re back.

Kisses Ducky,


What a fun, creative gathering! I’m inspired to do something like that with my artsy friends!

That’s great you were able to make time to spend with your friends even in the midst of all the wedding prep. It’s so important to keep doing nice things for yourself to refuel! :)

Oh, the fairy wand looks magical – and it all sounds like so much fun. Love the idea of the collaborative paintings.
Hope you feel better soon! ((Hugs))

wow – sounds like a DIVINE weekend, how fun. and every girl needs a fairy wand, especially a bride-to-be!! xo

thanks for sharing your sweet and talented self! i had such a wonderful time with you and all the gals. can’t wait to do it again! hope you are feeling better soon…take care of You. i wanna see that pin sparkling your hair!

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