Wedding Veil Ordered – Check!, Crazy Relatives – Check!, Wedding Mania – Check!

September 13th, 2007

Oh, I'm so off! I feel completely discombobulated. This cold is kicking my butt. I'm so over you, cold! Take a hike! I've got one of those racking coughs goin on that makes my brain hurt and sleep difficult. Despite that, I'm attempting to find my rhythm again.

Saw a great movie last night with the fiansor. If you need a good hearty laugh and you have a silly sense of humor (and you don't mind a little bit of over the top violence...there is a bit of gore in it, but it's not scary at all, it's all in the name of comedy), you might just love this movie, "Hot Fuzz." It's from the makers of "Shaun of the Dead" which I found to be funny, but also scary and I think it did give me nightmares. "Hot Fuzz" didn't give me any bad dreams. It wasn't scary, just ridiculous. It starts out a little slow, with silly British humor and then all the sudden it shifts into complete mayhem. I don't want to spoil the story, so you'll just have to go rent it yourself.

Had some more wedding discussions with the fiansor last night. Trying to figure out the shape of our ceremony, which is a little stressful and then all these little pieces like where we're having a rehearsal dinner (there's not enough space for that in our apartment), do we need a limo to pick up parents and grandparents?, and why won't the coordinator at our venue call us back?? (grr) Too many details to keep in my head and this is just the tip of the wedding iceberg. I always found the image of a Bridezilla to be a truly ridiculous image and even though I definitely haven't gone to that level of nuttiness, I am beginning to sympathize with women who lose it momentarily. Because when that woman flips out about place cards, it's so not about the place's about their cousins who won't tell them what food choice they want before the venue's deadline, and their parents bugging them about what tie color they should wear when she couldn't care less, and the friend who insists on bringing their baby even though it's an adults only reception, and the coordinator who hasn't been returning her phone calls in a month, and their mother is flipping out because they didn't see every single fitting and choice made in person, and some relative who is upset because they heard there will be bacon in one of the appetizers, etc...So, when she starts crying and yelling about place cards, you just have to give the girl a hug and not tell her that the place cards don't matter because she knows that and she's just super overwhelmed. I mean, getting married and saying your vows is a big enough life event to have to deal with and then having to plan this huge monster of a party on top of that is enough to make any girl, except maybe the martha stewarts among us, a bit batty. And oh boy, do I wish I had more Martha Stewart in me right about now.  However, after chatting and laughing with the fiansor last night, we both know that the day itself will be perfectly imperfect and fun and romantic and a whirlwind. My brother is getting married next weekend and then there will be only 3 weeks til my wedding. And so, posting may be erratic to say the least. Bear with me. :-)

And how bout some fun links before I head off to my mom's for a make-up trial? Sure.

-Thursday, September 27, Marisa of Creative Thursday is having a one-day Creative Thursday event where she's encouraging anyone who is interested to do something creative. Read more about that here!
-I was telling all the girls in Maine about where I got my fantastic purse. I picked out the fabric and purse design at a purse party/bachelorette party last year for my best friend. A rep from the company who makes them, called 1154 LILL Studio came out to the house with bags of fabric and purse styles and we got to spread them all out and play and design a purse (which was then made in Chicago and sent back to us.) It was so much fun and I use that purse nearly every day. You can go on their website and design your own purse online or go to one of their stores and do it in person. Much fun. And today I got an email from them saying that they're now selling their fabric alone which could be great fun for making curtains or a pillow or your own style of purse. The name of the company is from the address where they started out in Chicago and it was all started by a woman with a great idea. Their fabrics are great and if you've got one of their stores near you, I'd definitely check it out.
-This website for a cat cam invention absolutely cracked me up. Apparently, the camera attaches to the cat's collar and then takes pictures at regular intervals. On the site you can see examples of the inventor's cat, Mr. Lee's, travels. I love the pics of him coming upon a cat friend and then the various adventures they go on. Too cute!
-Anthropologie just opened a store nearby and now I can much more easily spend time browsing their super fun way of arranging a store. There stuff is expensive, but every once in a while, I do enjoy shopping there for a special occasion dress or fun knick knack. I happened to get many tea pots and accessories for my bridal shower from friends and family and I am just loving my new collection of tea pots and cups. I need to get some shelves to display them I think. I decided I had to have this cup and saucer for my collection since it is the one featured in the painting I bought from Jessie! And I bought one new fall outfit including this adorable sweater which I'm loving to pieces.

Ok, that's all for now folks. Have a wonderful evening!

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hey leah – love your goodies, beautiful sweater and the cup & saucer with the birds – love it! you must tell me how the natick anthro compares to the boston store – do i need to make a special trip?

hot fuzz, what a riot! and your LILL bag is fab! oh, and you found a veil, great news!

xo, h

i remember those stressful days before the wedding! Hang in there…it will all work out, perfectly and imperfectly. Sounds like you guys have a good perspective on things.

Thanks for your comment, now that I know that there is a special tool out there for signatures, i’ll just keep an eye out. Seems like i’m not the only one with this problem!

I love anthropologie. Look out for their sale rack. I can usually find something good there. Once, I kid you not, I found a shirt for 10 cents!! It must have been a register error, but that’s what i paid for it!

Hi there busy girl! I think Martha would be the WORST bridezilla of ALL time! It is stressul – they say one of the most stressful things. I love Anthropologie – and those purses are TDF. MUST have one!

Leah, thank you for giving us a peak into your world! No wonder you have a cold with all the stress your immune system probably isn’t up to par. You’ll get through it all, one way or another, and then you’ll be a MARRIED LADY! I remember what my pre-wedding days were like and I’d hired a friend to be a wedding planner to save me most of the aggravation. Just remember that “this too shall pass”. Love and blessings, Olivia

I LOVE Hot Fuzz! It’s so funny to me but then again i really enjoy British humor. I also thought Shaun of the Dead was really good and funny with just enough creepy.

Weddings, eek! I got married last year and I’d say the last month was just crazy! Why is that family members get so crazy and start to care so much about the details? I have the general attitude of they should show up in what they’re told to wear and eat around the food they don’t like, avoid any person they want. The wedding is about the couple and that couple should feel loved, supported, encouraged to do what they want and not worry about fixing the relatives problems. Oh, I’m sorry, I’ll step down off my soap box now.

I ramble to say, that after all the stress I had SO MUCH FUN at the wedding. So, will you!

I’ve been reading your blog for about a month and i would tell you how i found it if i could remember =)

i’m sending you HUGS :) i hope this cold will soon go away, take care girl ;)

i truly love anthropologie. yes their items are expensive, but they have amazing sales. so exciting, the wedding count down!!

It must be the planets and their alignment knocking things around – anyone know what Mercury is doing?
I paid for my pictures today from your art show. =] I’m a very happy camper. Your original Subway Stories is at the best framer around and I can’t wait until they are all together!
And my regular old email seems to be behaving and I’m in (after following email steps from hotmail and goodness only knows what I changed because all I was doing was reading and hitting buttons).
Things will calm down soon. Just don’t forget to breathe!

I can’t believe that you are getting married in only a matter of weeks now! I still remember reading about the proposal like it was yesterday! I have been to so many weddings in my life, each and everyone of them had their own unique location, style, size, theme and quirks, and each and every one of them was lovely. Because whatever happens there is nothing more beautiful than two people who love each other making that commitment. This is quite an exciting times for your parents, too, isn’t it, with two children getting married within a week of each other :)

Funny that you should mention Hot Fuzz because we watched that the other day, too. Normally not my cup of tea, but these days I love anything that reminds me of good old England! And I did find it very funny.

Lucky you to have Anthropology nearby! I have never been to one and hear so much about this store and just know that I would love it! I guess there is no chance that they will ever make it to Western Mass, just like Ikea never will … :(

heehee! i’m glad that you found the REAL DEAL cup and saucer to go along with the painting. i fell in love with that cup the second i laid eyes on it. i usually drink from it on mornings when i am feeling inspired. it reminds me of sunshine. ;)

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