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September 16th, 2007

Patrons at the Nahcotta opening

Loads of artsy inspiration this weekend. Friday night was the opening of the Tiny Enormous Art Show at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH. There was a great turnout and lots of beautiful art to see. I'm already a fan of Cathy Nichols's art and now I'm also smitten with the art of Amy Ruppel, Jennifer Judd-Mcgee, and Tara Hogan among others. There's my art below and you can see more pictures here.

My art at Nahcotta

Saturday we did some shopping around, getting the fiansor fit for a tux and suit for my brother's wedding which is this Friday. Then getting all mesmerized by the fish at a tropical fish store. We saw a baby shark still in it's egg sac, craziness! Last night, spent printing things out, writing thank you notes, and recording rsvp's that have come in. Stayed up far too late and then slept a bit later than I wanted to, but oh well.

Sunday I went into see the open studios in the South End, visiting the open market and as many studios as I could before my brain was overstimulated and my legs were overtired. I especially loved viewing the art of of Julie Shaw Lutts, Cheryl Warrick, Janet Bartlett Goodman, Jessica Burko, and Yuko Adachi. I also enjoyed the art at the Jules Place gallery, especially that of Karen Tusinski and Lisa Occhipinti. So as you can see, I've seen lots of beautiful art and I'm full up with all the artsy inspiration I can take for awhile. It was nice to have a bit of a break this weekend and I feel refreshed. Ahh.

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That is some great artsy fuel for the week to come! xo

ooooh! i love seeing your artwork hanging on a gallery wall! it looks excellent. especially in a grouping. nice work, leah! :)

That looks so exciting…congratulations! And wow…the wedding is coming too. Hee!

Congratulations on another show! It reminds me that I need to come up with a plan and get back into that groove. Your work looks great – you truly are an inspration! Wow – weddings all around in your world! The baby shark must have been cool to see.

I’ve been wondering how the Tiny Enormous show would turn out. It sounds like lots of fun!

I enjoyed your Flickr photoset. Looks like a really great and varied show. I’ve been drooling over this particular set of Susan’s, too. Wish I could see it In Real Life.

If you think your work looks good there – wait til you see it at my house! =] I can’t wait!

Sounds like a really great weekend. I could use some out at a good show time. Did do a show this weekend, but I don’t think it filled up the old art well. I did sell 3 pieces though. So that was nice.

We have baby skates at a local museum in their sacs. I’ve never seen a baby shark. I love seeing that stuff!

Hurray for you and the show! I look forward to see where the inspiration takes you. :)

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