Entering the Chaos, I mean the Office/Studio

October 29th, 2007

The air is apple crisp today. Definitely feeling more like fall. I was in a bit of a fog over the last 4 days or so as I was having some serious issues with falling asleep. But today, after sleeping a good portion of Sunday, I woke up and felt much more refreshed than I have in awhile. Ahhh. I also felt motivated to tackle some tasks that have been weighing on me, little errands, nothing major, just stuff that needed to get done and I'd been avoiding. It was a great day to be driving around doing errands, sunshiney and cool, loads of gorgeous foliage to peek at. Now I'm back home with plenty more to do, but feeling good about checking some stuff off that never ending to-do list.

Tomorrow, the best friend and I are going to start tackling a big one on my to-do list...organizing my office/studio space. The best friend is home this year with her new baby and we spent a lot of time working on wedding related projects this fall. We've got some other projects to work on now that the wedding has passed, such as scrap-booking a baby album for her, but we're also going to work on one of my biggest weaknesses and her biggest strengths...organizing. While I tend to get overwhelmed and run in the opposite direction, she actually enjoys the organizing and tossing and straightening out. She told me not to feel bad about her helping out with it, because it's actually fun for her. Ack. I know there are people in life who enjoy this cleaning and organizing stuff (my step-dad and step-mom for example are this way...notice how neither are the source of my genes!) and while I like an organized space, I really don't enjoy making it that way. But it's really time. I know I'll feel fabulous when it's done...sort of like exercise or eating my vedgies. Plus, all the purging will be quite helpful when it comes time to move. And it will be nice to have a fresh, clean space to work in...that'll probably help me with all sorts of things such as self-respect.


I've been cutting out pictures of ideas for my studio space for months and one of the things that keeps appearing is this awesome table/bookcase thing from Pottery Barn. So cool...I'm loving the shelving on the sides, the big surface of the tabletop, and the height, but it's a bit pricey.  Searching around, I found one here for cheaper and at Target for cheaper than that. The cheaper ones are the same size, but made of wood veneer instead of real wood.

At the moment there's barely room to turn around in my studio, so some things would need to get cleared out. Maybe it's time to move out the gi-normous bookcase and replace it with something more long and lean. And it's quite likely that I have more plastic drawer thingamabobs than I actually need. I've started tossing, making piles of things to give away, throw away, store away or sell, but it's going to be a long process.

I've been in a holding pattern with the wedding on the horizon and a big business deal of the hubster's that has us both very anxious. But I'm snapping out of my limbo state and getting back to living in the present.

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I’ve been salivating over that picture since I first laid eyes on it as well. I like it in black, I like the wicker topped stools, I like the photos on clips on the walls. But I don’t like the price either. Oh the Target one is actually just the table top, not the shelves…just so you don’t accidentally order it.

Have fun organizing. What a wonderful gift..to be able to do it with a friend!!!

oops! i linked to the wrong thing on target. i just fixed it, so it shows the whole set, tabletop, shelves, etc…

I really like that style desk.
Right before we got married we had our computer desk made from a drawing Sean did. It was alot less money than I thought because it was pine unfinished wood, but the design is great. We had all these plans of how to finish it but 7 years later and we still have it unfinished…which I sort of like.
I forgot the name of the place, but I will ask Sean tomorrow. I know the place is still there, but I am not sure it has the same owner. He was a super nice flexible kind of guy. It is on Mt. Auburn Street in WaterTown in a little center between a StarBucks and a Donkin Donuts.

i am in the midst of studio madness too. It’s driving me nuts!! I definitely need to follow your lead and toss stuff into a trash pile or give away pile.

I like the wire and the clips on the wall. hmmmm. I like that desk too, but I usually need more surface….to pile more crap on! Maybe a smaller surface would be better.

Thanks for your comment. I hope you are getting some rest too after the wedding. That’s huge! I remember I felt like a zombie for a while after our wedding. :)

Good idea about cutting out photos of what you would like for your studio. I like things organized too but like you dont like doing it.

I am also interested in joining in on the ART EVERDAY MONTH so add my name to the list too please. ;) Thanks

o.k…thanks to you i am completely obsessed with this table! so perfect :) hope the transition back to the everyday is going well. take it slow. you have the rest of your life to live it all up! p.s. i am going to join your art every day month (at least in some way). sound so fun and insppiring. xo

Hi Leah,
What you write about is totally me! I’ve been running in the opposite direction for longer than I dare admit, and living alone it’s easy to get away with it, but no more…and it’s my whole condo, not just my studio; so to hear you talk about this, and be working on this project is good for me. I will stay tuned to what you’re doing. I want shelves on the wall, but have to shop for them and have someone install them…that doesnt’ excite me. I just wanna click my ruby slipper together and have it be done…oh well, back to this reality now: ) I’m excited that there are many of us on this same trek. Inspiration and encouragement abounds! Thank you!

Ha! I’ve been coveting that Pottery Barn piece for some time, too! Love that you found a similar one at Target.

Looking forward to hearing about your new creative space.

I’m reworking my studio space, too. I like the photo you posted, and I love the Art Everyday idea. Maybe I will join in on the fun…

I love organizing. Please post pictures of the space when it is all complete…and more wedding pics too please!!!

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