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Wellness Wednesday – Self-Care for the Stressed

October 3rd, 2007, Comments (9)

O dear, wedding stuff has taken over and I'm afraid I may be scarce for awhile. All the little details that can't be done til the last minute are coming upon me and oh my, it's overwhelming! I'm staying fairly calm although I've had a few moments. Nothing bridezilla-ish or anything, just moments of feeling overly anxious and stressed. My cat Sadie got violently ill on Sunday night. I thought she was dying and it was extremely upsetting. She's fine now, but it was a tough night with not much sleeping going on.

So, I think for Wellness Wednesday, I'll talk about those things that have helped me stay calm or get back to calm when I've got something big coming up. I tend to get very anxious before big events whether that be a big party or the first day of school. My whole body reacts. In my mind, I don't necessarily think I'm stressed, but my body will show it through trouble sleeping, increased sensitivity, stomach problems, headaches, etc...Over the years, I've learned ways to not necessarily stop the anxiety all together, but ways to make it easier or less extreme. Here are some of the things I do. Maybe it will help you too!

1. Avoid greasy foods. If I'm stressed, my stomach is too and greasy/oily foods can make it much worse.
2. Cut way back, if not completely, on caffeine. Caffeine is an upper and if you're already anxious, caffeine will only aggravate that. Not to mention it will make sleeping more difficult.
3. Take time for something fun and relaxing. When I feel overwhelmed, I sometimes feel like I can't take time for myself because there's so much to do. But I'll end up getting little done if I don't take some time out for relaxation. Today I had my first pedicure ever! I went with my best friend and it was wonderful. What a treat! We had a little foot bath and moisturizer and massage chairs. I felt so pampered! I definitely needed that.
4. Move and stretch. When I get tense, my muscles get tense. It's important for me to get some kind of exercise whether that be at the gym, or a walk, or even just taking time out to do some yoga stretches during the day. Or dancing around. :-)
5. Ask for help. I have a do it yourself attitude about things, but I've learned that it's essential to turn to those I love for help sometimes. They usually are happy to help too. :-)
6. Do something creative! A wonderful release, creative play is so important!

Speaking of creativity, November is right around the corner and this will be the 5th year of Art-everyday-month!! I do this every year, a commitment to being creative (in whatever form that may be) for every day in the month of November. I welcome anyone who'd like to participate. It's a very easy going group with the goal of simply bringing more creativity into our lives and to meet some other creative folks along the way (I've met some of the most wonderful people through art everyday month!) If you'd like to participate, send along an email or comment and let me know. I'll write a bigger post about this soon.

And now, I've got to get back to work. Toodaloo!