Some non-pro pics of wedding bliss

October 16th, 2007

What a whirlwind this weekend was! And it was truly lovely. I'm super excited to see the professional pics, but in the meantime here are some pics from friends and family. Enjoy!

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Look at you beautiful Leah, wow. Your dress, your bouquet, your hair and veil….stunning my friend. Congratulations again. xo

You look amazingly stunning! I adore your cake as well. Hugs and warm thougths for a long and happy marriage!

oh leah, you look gorgeous! i am so happy for you…may you both live happily ever after! xoxo

Look how happy you are! And, as has already been mentioned, gorgeous! Love that cake! Does it feel different?

Congratulations!!!!! What a beautiful dress, cake, bride :)
I can’t wait to see more photos. Enjoy every second!!!

you looked amazing!

Leah! Best Wishes for a marriage full of love, laughter, passion, best -friendship, and all-around goodness! It is so nice to see these pictures! You both look elegant and happy – sweet dress and fantastico cake, too!

You look so lovely and full of joy.
I am so happy you are happy!

How exciting, Leah! I love your hair, how it drapes one long section in front—very beautiful! And of course, your dress, and the cake…can’t wait to see more…LOVE, O

wow! you look so beautiful. you’re dress is stunning… and you both look so happy.
The cake is so cool looking. I love it. xo

Congratulations, Leah!!! You look positively radiant! What a lovely couple the two of you make – you look so in love.
Not only do you look beautiful – that wedding cake is just fantastic! Thanks for sharing the photos. Sending you many, many best wishes for a lifetime of happiness – and much, much love ~ XOXO

WEEEEEEEEEE…….. You were VERY missed this weekend, but we all talked and thought about you!!!

It looks like you had a fabulous time, and you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! The dress is to die for, and Andrew doesn’t look to shabby himself!!

Miss you cutie-pie!

xoxox ~Jes

Wow, you look so happy! And absolutely gorgeous. And can we talk about your flowers and cake? Because they’re both positively fantabulous. Yay you!

Beautiful! Many, many congratulations and best wishes!

Awwwwww! Wow. Congratulations! You look so happy and amazing!

Aaah, how beautiful you are, Leah! What a stunning dress! And lovely husband! Congratulations, Mrs Leah !!! Kerstin xo

Your dress is amazing! You both look so very happy and relaxed with each other. It looks like it was a really nice and intimate affair. Congratulations again!

OMG you looked so beautiful and that dress is amazing! Cool cake too. It looks like you had a wonderful time!


congratulations and so much love to you and the…”husbandor”?

You look like a princess! Your dress is gorgeous and your hair looks so great! I’m so happy that you shared these pictures.

Looks like it was a truly magical day.


Karen Beth :)

SOOOOO PURTY!! How lovely for you both. Wishing you well…

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LOVE the flowers and cake and OH – you look absolutely lovely!

Oh Leah! You are BEAUTIFUL! So happy to see photos already. What joy you two radiate! Blessings to you both. (P.S. Did you get the candle in time?)

conrats! you look beautiful! :)

Yeah Leah’s Married! Yeah Leah’s Married! (And she looks beautiful too!)

I love the cake.

Those pics are so cute – you look beautiful! Such a beautiful man and wife :) That cake looks great too!!

Oh, Leah! You look so gorgeous and so full of joy! And that gown… ah!!! I am so glad your day was wonderful:> I love the cake… blue trees, eh? Hmmmm…

Beautiful and happy. A wonderful combination! :)

Wow. You look gorgeous–and happy, and all that other good stuff–I’m happy for you both!

I’ve been married for (almost) 21 years to my very bestest friend, and it has made my life so much richer in so many ways–I wish the same for you.

Lots of hugs and love–


how beautiful!!!!!! :) you look happy and gorgeous, wish you all the best!

oh leah . . . you look so beautiful! congratulations . . . i’m so happy for you . . . ! :)

Oh! SO beautiful!
I’m so happy for you. Many congratulations!

I’m sorry I’m late getting here–I’ve been so behind… OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOOOOD! You’re GORGEOUS in these photos!!! I’m SO HAPPY for both of you and it makes me so happy to see you look so happy. It looks like a beautiful wedding. Congratulations and best wishes for a truly beautiful life together…to one of my very favorite people in this here blogosphere. Much love. xoxo

I’m a little late to the comment party, but congratulations! You look lovely, and you two look like happiness together.

Oh, you look so gorgeous and radiant! Congratulations on tying the knot. What a darling couple. Best to you both!!!

Yay!!! Congratulations! You look beautiful!!!!!

HUGE congratulations Leah! You look happy and beauteous. :)

LOVE the photos!! You are beautiful. I’m so glad you are happy–you deserve it!

What a cool cake ~ and let me just be another to add how lovely you look!

You sure do look beautiful. Glad you both had such a wonderful day :-)

Gorgeous, radiant Leah…what a beautiful bride you made…and of course! It couldn’t be any other way! You both look very happy.
My deepest wishes for your both in sharing a fulfilling life together.
love and hugs..Cheryl

Congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful! From the pictures, I can tell it was a beautiful day, celebrating both love and joy. My best wishes to you and your husband. xoxoxoxo

Well then you did get married and your very beautiful in your dress. What a luck woman you are. Congrat’s

Oh there you are!! You my friend are stunning. I know it was your wedding day and all, but you radiate goodness. Seriously. I am so glad I have you as a friend.
Hugs and hugs,

Wow Leah you are so beautiful! You look like a Princess in your wedding dress, and so happy! May you have a wonderful long and happy life with your new husband!

Congrats Your so lucky love the gown and photos!@

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