Wellness Wednesday: Drink in the Love

October 11th, 2007

I'm getting married in less than 48 hours. Eeeeeee! I'm wired and tired and very excited. Everything that's going to get done is done. I dropped off all sorts of stuff at the wedding venue today...programs and seating charts and guest books, oh my! I'll be away for the weekend, but back shortly thereafter as our honeymoon is slightly delayed because of a big business deal that could lead to very exciting things for the fiansor and I.

I've been so very busy tying up wedding stuff that I've hardly had room for anything else. I'm looking forward to being able to visit your blogs more regularly! If I owe you an email, I apologize. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

So, today is Thursday, although I thought it was Wednesday for awhile there, so here's my slightly delayed Wellness Wednesday thoughts:

I got some good advice regarding my wedding recently. My best friend told me that I was going to be told all day long how beautiful I am, how amazing and glowy and all that. And she advised that instead of cringing or shrugging it off like I might feel inclined to do, that I should just take it all in; just drink up all the praise and love.

It's odd how difficult it can sometimes feel to accept, to receive praise and love and compliments. I know I have this issue and over time I've been learning how to take praise with a simple thank you, instead of responding with a dis-qualifier. For example, if someone says, "Wow, love those pants!" Instead of saying, "Oh, thanks. I should have had them tailored. They're way too long.", just say, "Thank you!" Or , if someone says, "I love that new painting!" instead of saying "Really? I'm not sure it's done. I could have done better.", just say, "Thanks so much!" Practice accepting love in all the forms it comes your way. Let it fill you up and see how wonderful it can make you feel when you stop trying to push it away. See what happens when the love stops bouncing off of you and starts sinking into your pours, lifting your spirits and storing itself away for rainy days.

So, in a couple days, when I'm all prettied up and glowing with happiness after our ceremony and people start showering me with love, I'm going to smile and say "Thank you, thank you!"

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Leah, it’s amazing that you’re even keeping up with blogging AT ALL…I’m so excited for you!

That sounds like something excellent to do—receive, receive, receive the love! This is your time to shine!

Congratulations, you’ll be in my heart and prayers,


oh, congratulations leah! i hope you’ll send me pictures!

have a wonderful time.

i have one VERY important piece of advise…. (like you havent heard enough)…

try to find a moment some time during your reception to slip away with your new husband and be alone. somewhere to just take it all in and see what is going on around you. it can be such a whirlwind, make sure that above EVERYTHING else, the two of you enjoy yourself. YOU are what matters.

Best wishes, congratulations, and lots of love!

Oh you will make a lovely bride! How exciting and nerve-wracking and every other emotion….yes, take it in. And to add to what it does to you when you negate a compliment – you also rob the other person the joy of expressing themselves to you! It is just as important to the giver as it is to the receiver. :)

Next to the birth of your first child, your wedding day has to be the most exciting and happy moment in your life! So happy or you.

I hope you have a princess bride wedding:)

all my blessings as i sprinkle stardust on your blog


Yes – drink it all in, and enjoy your wonderful day, Leah. Wishing you many, many blessings!~xox

I have such a huge grin on my face! I celebrate your love with you! Your wedding will be wonderful, and I send you much peace to take it all in, joy to let it sink into every single one of your cells, and love, always love… Its what makes the world go round!



I’m SO excited for you and your man! Congratulations sweet Leah, revel in your day and accept every compliment and gush over your beauty, your wedding and the whole day. xoxo

As you should. Don’t worry about us and catching up with emails – go enjoy your wedding! You only get this day once – drink it in, remember every moment, forget every flaw, allow yourself to bask in love.

Congratulations again! I know it will be wonderful.

Wishing you happily every after! (as Husband and I say: [love you as much as] sand and moon, sun and stars; always, all ways.)

You are beautiful in so many ways! Enjoy your day. I’m thinking of you with lots of love and wish you boundless joy. :) Congratulations! xoxoxo

Blessings on your wedding day. Wishing you love and happiness forever after. :)

Happily Ever After :)

Congratulations! It’s a wonderful life!

You are married by now and I missed this post! I have been on vacation so I’m very late in commenting on it.

I hope that your wedding went wonderfully (I know it did) and that you are having fun fun fun on your honeymoon. CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to hear all about the festivities and see pictures.

So many people have trouble accepting compliments. It is so important to recieve them gracefully and with thanks because people who give them mean them. They are a blessing.

I hope you did drink it in on your big day. What wonderful advice!


Karen Beth :)

Congratulations, you must be Mrs(?) by now. I bet you had the most fantastic day, that will live with you for the rest of your life together. So happy for you both.

Hearty congratulations. Love and many blessings always, Elizabeth. xxxxxxx

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