Day 15 – Another Cloudy Day

November 15th, 2007

We're half-way through, AEDM folks! Woohoo!

Here's my art for the day. I was inspired by the colors of an abstract painting (if I can find the link to it, I'll put a link here later) to use the colors that are in her cape/cloak thing, but I think this was mainly inspired by another cloudy day here. It's about 9"x12" with acrylic on watercolor paper.

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Maybe a cloudy day but it seems peaceful and quiet and warm…of course the kitty is my favorite character…lol
Your art is beautiful…thanks for sharing it!!!!

The colors in the cloak look so pretty and warm against the gray, it makes the painting look very cozy – and the snuggly kitty adds to the coziness factor, of course! Love it~xo

Beautiful colors. Very soft and peaceful feel to it.

So cozy.

I’m so enjoying all of these, Leah. Thank you for sharing!

By the way, I just learned about this awesome illustrator from a friend of mine, and thought I’d share – I think you’d like her:

Another one with a cat! I love it!

xo…. :)

Another one with cats… I love it!

xo… :)

I love your play on colors here. This lady looks very cozy. Is it another self portrait? It’s wonderful.

Hi Leah, thanks for the cuddos on my blog! Its the same dreayness down here in the south shore!Makes me want to sleep all day instead of work. Love the paintings on your site!

I love the warm colours against the cloudy grey sky – and of course the cat!

What I think I like the best about this is the intimation of a warm fire (rosey glow) and the kitty and her girl nestled together looking out at the cold but being warm. Maybe that’s because I just build a fire in my woodstove. But I like the security of this picture!

I love this piece. It s perfectly captures my feelings on a cloudy dreary day. I love the warmth of the colors on her inside all comphy and cozy.

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