Day 19 – Traveling Girl

November 19th, 2007

I did a doodle of this girl on a stack of suitcases in my journal before bed one night. So, today, I flipped through my journal, saw the sketch and decided to bring her to life. I thought about the different ways I could do it with collage or watercolor or acrylics or pencil...and I decided I wanted something colorful, but with sharp black lines, sort of illustration-style. She's about 5"x7" on watercolor paper with acrylic paint and ink. I love her purple suitcase with the tag hanging off it. I think this may stem from my love of boxes which can easily move into containers of all kind which make me incomprehensibly happy. In fact, even though Bridgette claimed her post wasn't exciting, her picture of her basement studio space today thrilled me. All those little compartments and boxes and containers and drawers and doors. Eee! Love it! I get totally befuddled when it comes to creating something like this for myself, but I do adore the look of it. I bought a bunch of things from the Container Store for my office/studio and it's coming along. When we buy a house (hopefully in the spring), I'll work on some organizational pieces like the one Bridgette got from IKEA, but in the meantime, I'll work with what I've got which isn't terrible by any means, just a little cramped. And hopefully less cramped when I'm done with it.

Some people have mentioned wanting to continue doing art every day after the month ends. That's awesome! I say go for it! December is usually a busy month full of family obligations (I've got a big family!), so I won't be making that commitment, but I've had something else in mind for awhile now. I'm thinking in January that I'm going to begin a year of being "creative every day." Yes! Just like my blog name! I do find ways to insert some creativity into every day, but making this my intention for the year will be an affirmation, a sign to the Universe, that hey, I'm here and I'm committed to creating. And hopefully it will help me continue to stretch and grow in ways I might otherwise procrastinate about or avoid all together. I'd make a list in the sidebar for anyone interested in joining in (just like I did for art every day month) and there could be a new flickr group to go along with it.

I don't plan to post a piece of art every day in 2008. I will simply plan to do something creative each day. I may not post every day, but I will post about my creative acts. Anyways, I wasn't planning to talk about this tonight and it just slipped out! I'm excited about it! Anyways, I will do a more thought out post in the near future with more details about how I'm planning to do this along with an invitation for anyone to join in. For now, this traveling girl, is going to relax. I need to get some quiet time in before we head to NYC for turkey day in a few days. Ciao for now!

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OMG—-this has got to be my favorite by far (except for kitty)…I love the colors and the style…the whole thing…I can just stare at it over and over!
Creative Everyday of the year sounds like a great plan…I will not go on about it until you have made your final plans…sounds inspiring tho…
Thanks for sharing the great art today!!!

Love it! love the creative everyday philosophy. We can all aspire to that! Glad I found you.

Lovely piece today. I like the crispness of the ink and the colors. Since I started staying home with my son I’ve tried to do something creative everyday. (Which is why I like your blog.) I find the creativity helps my brain not turn to mush!

So spontaneous and whimsical! Love it! And now on to the creative act for today . . . . and I’ll be here for the 2008 project, too. Today I have my “soul map” posted, called “Inward Journey: Island of Her Soul.” Take a peek, I think you’ll like it! Nina

Once I am done with my ‘required’ quilt, I’m going to use you as an inspiration to do an ‘art’ quilt – where I just play with the fabrics and other things and see what happens. I’ve wanted to do it and never had the courage.

heee!! I thought I was the only one who got thrilled by compartments, drawers and bins! :) haha!

I am really impressed with how my husband was able to pull it all together. When you do start planning for a new space, go to Ikea’s web site and look over their organizational ideas. Otherwise when you get there it will be hard to visualize and pull it all together. It’s too overwhelming in that store!

have a good thanksgiving!

All I can say is that 2008 is shaping up as a very spectacular year – full of adventures and possibilities. I will join you on that creating every day (and will just have to open up to include my clay)….no wonder you’re so excited! Today my creative act is using my left brain and trying to set up a blog as web page for the new line of work. It’s moving along. Faster than last time (that was 4 days – I think this is only going to take two half days – I have to wait for an answer to a question). Kudos to you for all you do to inspire all of us!

Oh, this is fun, and different for you!

I love illustrative feel to this one, Leah – and I loved the sneak peek at Bridgette’s space. I LOVE little drawers and boxes, and want my studio space to have that organized feel to it – ah well, some day!

I’ve already commented at Flickr how much I love this traveling girl…so I just want to say that you ARE creative every day. If anyone is, YOU are! And you’re an inspiration to many! So I think your plans for 2008 sound nothing short of fabulous! :)

I can’t reply to every post I’ve missed lately so I’m going to reply to this one since the piece here is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE! I love it so much! You are so versatile and creative. I love your versatility! I never know what you are going to come out with. I’m so inspired by you!

Thanks for linking me to your post. I love the colors in this one and the dark lines. Perfect post.I’ll be with you in 2008 creating every day.

Ikea – my most favourite place in the whole universe…lol, I just spent a whole day in there getting stuff for my new study/office….it was HEAVEN!

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