Day 20 – Grow

November 20th, 2007

"Grow" is 7"x8" with acrylic and ink on watercolor paper. I drew the original sketch for this image in my sketchbook on the same page as the sketch that became yesterday's "Traveling Girl." I drew them both while lying in bed in that fuzzy space between awake and asleep. I've found that this is a great time to just doodle and see what comes. Perhaps because I'm tired, my guard is down and interesting images float to the surface. Not all sketches make it into something more, but they're all part of the journey I think. Try sketching in bed and see what comes up for you!

I was so thrilled last night to see my art and the Art Every Day project mentioned on the blogher website in an article by Jen Lemen. I had just been admiring Jen's site and artwork last week, so I was so pleasantly surprised by the mention. Jen's blog and art are fantabulous, so do go see what she's up to!  Sacred Life Sunday (started by the lovely Carla, owner and creator of the amazing Zena Moon candles) was also mentioned in this article. I'm not participating in this project at this time, in an effort not to over-commit myself to too many projects, but I love reading the posts shared by participants in this challenge.

Busy, busy day tomorrow and much to share at some point. Sweet dreams!

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Love the drawing…the free flow thinking….
Thanks for sharing it all!

Hi Leah, I loke this drawing, it is full of movement and it is thouht provoking too:)

P.S. sorry I meant I like the drawing! and your Art Every Day Month-Movement cause it brings so many people together and because it is motivating! Have a good creative day.

I remember you mentioned drawing in bed once or twice before. I think I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

Congrats on being mentioned on blogher. You sooo rock, Leah!


Ok, I say this all the time, but seriously. This is my most favorite of all your pieces this month. I love this so much.

It is great to see your work every day!! I like this one a lot!!

I will mention your project tomorrow again on my blog!

~ Diane Clancy

Not only has this gotten me moving again, but I love seeing what everyone else is up to! And I really appreciate your links to other blogs that have group projects. Even if I can’t participate in all of them :o ) it is so inspiring to see the work of other artists. Keep up the good work, and know that we are here supporting you and creating art in our own little corner of the world even when you are busy. So you have brought the beauty of art to the world in so many ways! You’re listed as one of my favorites! Nina

Hee hee – how playful and fun this one is – love the bird esp. I love doodling in my sketchbook in bed sometimes, but I have to be careful, as I tend to get drowsy and doze off with uncapped pens lying around me – so far I’ve been lucky, only my hands have ended up wearing the ink :)

I, too, was happy to see you mentioned in Jen’s article–well-deserved! As for Sacred Life Sunday…just join in whenever you feel like it. I really like the vibe of it because although I do try to make Sundays my most relaxing days, a little of that “oh god, I have to go back to work tomorrow” stuff creeps in… But then I remember…oh yeah, SACRED Sunday…and it brings me back to a gentler place. ;)

yes, I like it. as fro sketching in bed, I do not even get to read in bed.
my life has lost some of its playtime, who approved that?

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