Day 25 – In November

November 25th, 2007

Wowzer, I can't believe there are only 5 days left in November! That's nutty! Still a little zonkered after a very full weekend. It really seemed to zap my energy in such a powerful way and I felt exhausted every night. Once I got home last night and had a good night's sleep, I felt my energy returning. I settled in for a quiet day focusing on thank you notes (which are necessary, but tedious) and working on photos I took last week. Last week, my former boss hired me to do a photo shoot with her dogs for their family Christmas card. She's a busy lady and although I'm not a photographer per se, I do have a nice camera and I know the dogs oh so well, so it was a good match up. Their older dog who I spent loads of time with, was a great subject, very patient with me and willing to sit still. Their new dog, who was adopted after I left, after one of their dogs passed away, is younger and still full of that puppy crazy energy. The only way to capture her in a picture was to wait til she tired herself out and took a nap. lol... It was fun though. Here's one of my favorite shots.

If for some reason, my boss couldn't take care of him any longer (which I can't imagine ever happening), I would totally adopt him. What a good boy!

Anyways! Here's my art for the day. I had a little fun here, doing something entirely spontaneous, squirting paint directly onto the paper and just going with it. This is what came. I chose the colors because of an gorgeous color combination I saw while we were driving home on Saturday. There were all these burnt orange trees against the greens. This piece is about 6"x13" with acrylic on watercolor paper and I'm calling it "In November." It's kind of gothic looking and the face reminds me of Toulouse-Lautrec.

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Hi Leah, sounds as if you had a great busy weekend! The black dog is so cute, it is so doglike the way he looks and patiently wears the adornements…

I love the painting, the composition of colours and shapes, I’ll put it on my wall immediately:)

And the drawing with the brown little animal is cute, love the perspective and the hole:)
Have a good Monday

Sorry I meant I “would” put in on my wall immediately…!
Have fun with a creative Monday

Cool piece! Its so ambient. I adore the color combo. She looks prepared to face the winter cold. It’s really beautiful.

Your painted lady looks very elegant to me – and that photo is adorable! What a sweet dog. I love labradors. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving~xo

She’s just too beautiful. I love the colors.

ive been craving these colors recently. i love this image and its sort of distressed feel.
im so grateful to be playing here.
~sue o’kieffe

I like this!

He is totally adorable. Great shot. I Like all your drawings too. Good job in keeping up while away.

Oh, the puppy is sooo cute – and festive! And you’re right the woman’s face is a bit Toulouse-Lautrec-like. Cool!

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